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Serving the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area


Whole–House Generators in Cherry Hill, NJ

Do you worry about a blackout cutting off your home’s power? These power outages are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and in cases where there are family members who rely on powered medical equipment, even dangerous. We want to help you enjoy peace of mind that your electrical needs are taken care of with a whole-house generator. This alternative power source can see you through a few hours to a few days of power loss.

Whole-House generators can be literal lifesavers for families, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously at Gibson Heating & Cooling. We treat all our customers with respect by returning calls quickly, showing up on time, and never taking shortcuts. After all, we’re a family-owned and operated company: we know the value of respecting families. For generator services in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington, Camden, and Bucks Counties, you can always rely on us. Give us a call today or schedule a service online now!

Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

The Benefits of Whole–House Generators

You can purchase portable generators, but these aren’t effective or reliable when it comes to powering parts of your house for extended periods of time. A permanent whole–house generator has major benefits that make it the choice to protect your household in case of a power loss:

  • Sufficient energy: We’ll match your home with a Generac back–up generator that will supply the amount of electricity necessary to run the vital systems through an extended black–out.
  • Direct power: A whole–house generator is wired directly into the electrical panel of your house, so there’s no hassle trying to hook up a portable system.
  • Automatic: The Generac generators we install come on automatically when a power loss is detected. You won’t have to wade outside in the snow to turn the generator on, and the system will also turn on even when you’re away from home.
  • Easy fueling: These generators use fuel from your natural gas line or liquid propane fuel line. No worries about having to refuel the system!

Professionals for Installation of Whole–House Generators

It’s essential to rely on professionals for installing a standby generator. This isn’t a "plug–and–play" device! It’s a permanent installation placed outside your house and hardwired into the electrical system. It must also connect to the natural gas line or the liquid propane line—and only a licensed professional should ever work with either. Experts are also necessary to ensure the new generator creates the right power for a home’s needs: too little is obviously no good, and too much can short out the electrical panel.

We Offer Generator Services to Cherry Hill, NJ

You can look to us for all the services for a whole–house generator you may need. This includes installation, replacing an older generator, repairs, and routine annual maintenance to ensure the generator is always ready to get to work.

Hiring Gibson Heating & Cooling for generator services in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout our wide service area means you’re working with a contractor who puts customer service as our #1 priority. We don’t think about the volume of work we do in a day, but the amount of value we provide to families. Trust us with your generator needs, and we will not disappoint you! We work with Generac generators, one of the best names in backup power for homes.

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