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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Cherry Hill, NJ

The reason that so many homes today suffer from low indoor air quality is that the homes are constructed a bit too well. The insulation and sealing against heat loss and heat gain that makes houses energy efficient also traps contaminants indoors and doesn’t allow for much fresh air circulation. Opening up the windows and doors to a house can allow for better ventilation, but it comes at the cost of putting greater strain on heating and cooling systems.

One way around this problem is with special ventilation devices: heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs). Having one of these ventilators installed into your home’s HVAC system allows for better fresh ventilation without causing comfort issues. But you’ll need professionals to handle the installation work. Gibson Heating & Cooling provides ERV and HRV installation and other services for Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington, Bucks, and Camden Counties.

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What a Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilator Does

An HRV or ERV system pulls in a current of fresh outdoor air into the ventilation system of a home, and then uses air from inside the home to pre–heat or pre–cool the fresh air. This recovers the energy that was used to heat or cool the indoor air in the first place and applies it to the fresh air. The fresh air enters the home already close to the desired indoor temperature, meaning the AC or heater won’t have to handle extra work.

For example, during a winter day, an ERV system pulls in fresh but cold air from the outside. This air moves through a heat exchanger in the ERV, crossing through a current of the stale but warm air brought from inside. The cold air gains heat from the warm air. The stale air is vented outside, while the fresh air moves indoors, already warmed up.

The Benefits of Using an HRV or ERV System

HRV and ERVs offer a number of advantages. The main one is they prevent the loss of energy that would come from opening up doors and windows to allow in fresh air. On average, an HRV or ERV recovers 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost to the outside through openings. This adds up to large savings. The household won’t need to have the heater or AC running more than necessary while enjoying fresh air and expelling stale and contaminant–filled air.

ERV systems provide the additional benefit of transferring moisture between air currents. This means they offer a level of humidity balance, no matter the season. (HRVs don’t have this ability, but they often function better in deeper cold weather.)

We Offer ERV and HRV System Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

You don’t have to worry about making the right choice between an energy recovery or heat recovery ventilator. Our technicians will pick the right model and make sure it is suited to your home’s HVAC system, and then they’ll install it so it works correctly. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you are satisfied with our work. You can also depend on Gibson Heating & Cooling for any other services (such as repairs) your HRV/ERV system may require in the future. Contact us in Cherry Hill, NJ or elsewhere in our service area to arrange for better indoor air quality.

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