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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Cherry Hill, NJ

There are a number of methods to improve the air quality in a home. The starting place is usually with air filters and air purifiers, which can work through a variety of means. Finding the right kinds of filters and purifiers is a tricky job, and it’s one you’ll want to have IAQ professionals handle for you. You will also need the professionals to take on the installation job, as well as eventual replacement services.

If you are currently concerned about air quality in your home, all it takes is calling Gibson Heating & Cooling. We provide a wide range of HVAC services, working with all brands and models, and our skilled service professionals will locate the right air purification and air filtration systems to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on placing our customers first, and offer service in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington, Camden, and Bucks Counties.

Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

How Air Filtration and Air Purification Works

An HVAC system comes with an air filter. This filter, however, isn’t designed to clean the air but protect the interior of the AC and heater from debris coming through the return air ducts. In order to cleanse the air circulating through the rest of the house requires dedicated filters that target unhealthy airborne contaminants. Air filters come in different strengths (measured at MERV), and professionals will help you find the correct strength for your HVAC system.

Air purifiers are electrically powered systems that operate by creating a charge in the air of the ductwork. This charge adds or subtracts an electron to the particles in the air, and then draws them down to a set of plates. The plates can later be cleaned off. Purifiers are effective at trapping minute particles that can get through filters.

The Power of a UV Air Purifier

One of the most harmful types of contaminants that can get into the air in a house is organic pollutants, such as mold spores, germs, viruses, and various other microorganisms. Unfortunately, most standard air filters and air purifiers don’t do much good against these contaminants.

But one excellent method of eliminating organic pollutants is with a UV air purifier, also known as UV germicidal lights. These lights placed within the ventilation system bathe part of the ducts in ultraviolet light. UV radiation disrupts the cellular structure of the contaminants, rendering them inert or killing them outright. UV air purifiers clean the air safely and without adding any contaminants into the air.

We’ll Help with Air Filters and Air Purifiers in Cherry Hill, NJ

There are numerous options for air purification and filtration for your home, and simply picking one or two on your own won’t get the job done that you need. But when you call on Gibson Heating & Cooling, our professionals will select the right set or combination of air purifiers and filters to give you the clean air throughout your home you deserve.

In addition to working with filters and purifiers, we also offer other IAQ services, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and energy recovery ventilators. Call us today in Cherry Hill, NJ to arrange for great indoor air quality services.

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