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Thermostats in Cherry Hill, NJ

You adjust and control the temperatures in your home through a thermostat. That makes the thermostat an essential part of an HVAC system: without a working one, there’s no way to adequately provide comfort for your home. Yet people often overlook the thermostat’s job and take it for granted. Upgrading a thermostat along with a new HVAC installation can make an important difference in comfort and energy use, and thermostat malfunctions are often behind what seem like bigger issues.

We’re HVAC professionals serving Cherry Hill, NJ and Burlington, Camden, and Bucks counties. Part of being experts at HVAC is working with thermostats, whether doing a repair or a thermostat replacement. When you need service for a thermostat or it’s time to have a new one put in, contact Gibson Heating & Cooling. We’ll never try to upsell you any equipment you don’t need.

To learn more about smart and WiFi thermostats, or to request an estimate, contact our team today. Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

The Big Job of the Small Thermostat

Thermostats are designed to draw little attention to themselves. But the thermostat is not only the location where you communicate with the heating and air conditioning systems in your house. It’s the temperature sensor used to turn the heater, AC, and fan on and off to maintain the right level of comfort. Only a small miscalibration in the thermostat can mean paying higher bills to receive inferior heating and cooling. If you have an older thermostat, you may wish to consider making an upgrade to a more precise model with better features when you have a new HVAC installation.

Choices When It’s Time for Thermostat Installation

You’re ready for a thermostat replacement, or you’re having the first thermostats installed for a home. You can choose to have a simple manual thermostat that runs off dials or sliders. But newer models can offer you major advantages.

  • Digital thermostat: Even a basic, "no–frills" digital thermostat offers better precision with temperature settings than a manual one. If you choose one of the many programmable digital thermostats, you can exercise greater control over your climate system so it only runs when you need it to—and you don’t have to be home to turn it on and off.
  • Wireless thermostat: Using Wi–Fi connections makes it easy to operate your thermostat from almost anywhere. With an app on your phone, tablet, or other device, you can access the thermostat controls from across the room or across the country.
  • Smart thermostat: Here’s the newest level in technology, a Wi–Fi thermostat that handles much of its own programming. A smart thermostat "learns" from your settings how to find a program that maximizes comfort and saves energy in ways you never even considered.

We Offer Home Automation Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

The smart thermostat is the doorway to even better home automation. Wi–Fi connections to home automation systems give you the power to manipulate other systems in your house remotely as well, such as humidity, turning on and off lights, and checking on a security system. Ask us about how we can help set up your house for home automation.

Gibson Heating & Cooling is the contractor to contact in the Cherry Hill, NJ area for all your home comfort needs. We’re prompt, punctual, and we’re only satisfied with the job we do when you are.

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