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Boilers in Cherry Hill, NJ

The furnace is the most common type of heating system in the country. It and the heat pump are forced-air heating systems, which means they heat up air and then use blowers to distribute warmth around a building. A boiler is a hydronic heating system. It heats up water in a tank, and then pipes the water to terminal points in rooms, such as baseboard heaters and radiators. The temperature of these objects rises, and they then radiate heat into the rooms.

Boilers remain popular for homes because of a number of advantages they offer, and because of advances in radiant heating systems like in-floor heating. Gibson Heating & Cooling works with boilers, offering full installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Count on us for all your heating system needs throughout Burlington, Camden, and Bucks Counties.

Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

The Advantages of a Boiler System

If furnaces are the most common type of heating system, why do some homes prefer to use a radiant heater like a boiler? There are some major benefits that boiler systems can offer:

  • Energy savings: Water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, so a boiler can cut down on energy expenses compared to many furnaces. You won’t have to run a boiler as long as a furnace to receive the warmth you need.
  • Longevity: A boiler contains few moving parts, helping it last longer. You can also expect to have fewer calls for boiler service in general since there are not as many moving parts that might break.
  • More even heating distribution: The power of radiant heating is that it spreads evenly through a space, where a forced–air heater blows the air toward the ceiling where it tends to gather.
  • Clean heating: Boilers don’t blow around dust and dirt that collects inside ductwork. This makes them beneficial for households with people who have asthma and allergies.

Radiant Heating Though In–Floor Heating

When you’re considering building a new home or make major renovations on your current one, an option to consider for winter comfort is in–floor heating. This is a type of radiant heating that doesn’t use radiators or baseboard heaters in the rooms, but instead runs tubing through a sub–floor built beneath the main floor. The heat radiates directly from beneath your feet. This is one of the most efficient and generally comfortable ways of warming up a house. The heat spreads fast, and there’s a "toasty" feeling to it that’s hard to match for cozy comfort on a winter day or night.

Do You Need Boiler Service in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Not every HVAC company that serves Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas works with boiler systems or in–floor heating. But at Gibson Heating & Cooling, we’re proud of our extensive skill at handling radiant heating with boilers and in–floor heating. We can help install a radiant heater for your house, replace an older one, and provide all the repair and maintenance services it may need.

No matter if you use radiant heating or a more standard forced–air heater, you can always count on us to deliver personalized customer service that goes the extra distance to see you are satisfied.

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