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Central Air Conditioners in Cherry Hill, NJ

Window air conditioning units may be adequate to keep small apartments cooled down, but for homes it requires a much more powerful central AC system to deliver comfort all throughout the rooms. These systems are not only more convenient and more powerful than window air conditioners, central AC units are more energy efficient—and they don’t block up windows.

If you are looking to have a central AC installed in your home, either for a new home or as a replacement system for an older air conditioner, let Gibson Heating & Cooling do the job for you. We are a family-owned and operated company serving Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington and Camden Counties, NJ and Bucks County, PA. You’ll never have to ask “Where can I find an HVAC contractor near me?” again once you work with us. Our HVAC technicians are continuously trained to provide the highest quality air conditioning services in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding area.

 Contact us today to schedule air conditioning services in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding area. Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

The Power of the Split Air Conditioner System

The central AC is also known as a split air conditioner. The reason for this is it’s a type of cooling system that is split between indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is called the condenser and is housed in a cabinet containing a fan and the compressor. This is where chemical refrigerant is placed under pressure and the heat removed from inside the house is vented to the outside air by the fan. The refrigerant then travels to the indoor unit, which contains the evaporator coil and an air handler to send the cooled air into the ventilation system.

There are packaged units that house all these components in a single outdoor cabinet, but these are more common for businesses. Your home is probably set up to work with a split system.

Professional Installation of a Central AC System

It should go without saying that only skilled HVAC professionals should install or replace a central air conditioner in a house. Unfortunately, homeowners and amateurs still sometimes try to take on the work instead of experts, and this can lead to numerous problems in the future: poor cooling performance, electrical trouble, short system lifespan, and an improperly sized unit. You want to start your new air conditioning experience right, and that means contacting professionals. We’ll help you choose the best new unit (we install top–quality brands) and have it installed fast and accurately for the many years of reliable cooling.

Central Air Unit Services in Cherry Hill, NJ and Beyond

Most homes in the area depend on central air conditioning systems for comfort during the hot summers in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas. Taking care of these central air units, from repairs to routine maintenance, is an important part of our job here at Gibson Heating & Cooling. We take our job seriously because we know our customers are relying on us. When you need AC service, we’ll do all we can to see you receive it promptly and that our technicians do a great job without taking any shortcuts. Call us today to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Cherry Hill or the surrounding area.

It’s always our goal to see our customers have an unparalleled cooling (and heating) experience. We respect homes and families, which is why so many customers refer us to their friends.

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