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Heat Pumps in Cherry Hill, NJ

For many years, the standard central HVAC system for homes consisted of a furnace and air conditioner connected to ductwork. The two share the same blower fan, which sends the heated/cooled air through the ducts. Today, there’s a system that uses ducts but combines the heating and cooling functions into a single unit: the heat pump. Heat pumps offer a number of advantages that have made them increasingly popular for home comfort.

To schedule a heat pump installation, a heat pump repair, or other service for a heat pump system in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas, contact Gibson Heating & Cooling. It’s our goal to offer our customers an unparalleled heating and cooling experience. We’re not the largest HVAC contractor in the area, but we deliver personalized service from technicians who won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Give us a call to schedule heat pump services in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding area. Trust to Gibson—Complete Satisfaction is what sets us apart!

How a Heat Pump System Both Heats and Cools

The secret of how a heat pump operates as both a heating and air conditioning system is a basic one: it’s a type of air conditioner that can work in reverse when it needs to. Think of a standard AC. When it’s running, what is sent out of the outside unit? Heated air. This is air that the refrigerant has absorbed from indoors and is exhausting to the outside. Now think of "turning around" the AC. What happens? Hot air is now being released into the house.

A heat pump doesn’t physically turn around when it switches modes, of course. It makes the two sets of coils swap the jobs they do by changing the direction of refrigerant flow. It only requires an adjustment to the thermostat to change from one mode to the other.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

Why consider installing a heat pump for your home? There are some advantages:

  • Two–in–one function: If you plan to replace your heater and air conditioner, you can have both taken care of at once with a single new system that does the job of both.
  • Energy efficiency: A heat pump is more energy efficient in its heating mode than other electrically powered heaters. The heat pump doesn’t generate heat, it only moves it—and this requires less electricity.
  • Safety: If you don’t want to use a natural gas–powered furnace for your home, a heat pump is a safer alternative.

We Offer Full Heat Pump Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

When you call on us for a heat pump installation, you’ll have the best job done. We work with the top brands, and we carefully size the new system so it delivers the comfort you need without energy waste.

But Gibson Heating & Cooling is also here to see that you receive whatever service you need for a heat pump all around the year. Twice annual heat pump maintenance will ensure the system is ready to face each summer and each winter in peak condition. If you have a malfunction with the system, simply arrange for prompt heat pump repair service with us. We provide fast service but we never take shortcuts. As a family–owned and operated company in Cherry Hill, NJ, we understand that our success comes from treating other families with respect.

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