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Dual Fuel Heating System Installation in South Jersey

We Install Duel Fuel Heat Systems in Bucks, Camden, Gloucester & Burlington County

In the South Jersey area, we experience both moderate chilly days and the deep freeze of winter. Dual fuel heating systems provide the greatest comfort and best energy efficiency no matter how cold it is outside. Automatically switching between a furnace and a heat pump, dual fuel, or hybrid heating, systems choose the heating method that best fits the outside temperatures.

Compared to a heat pump alone, dual fuel heating systems offer better warmth and comfort on the coldest days of the year. When the temps drop too low for a heat pump to provide adequate heat, the system kicks over to the gas or oil furnace.

Compared to a furnace alone, these systems save energy by using the more efficient heat pump on medium-cold days.

We can help you determine if dual fuel heating is right for you and your home, and help choose the system that best suits the size and layout of your home. You can expect savings on utility bills and warm, toasty winters with dual fuel.

How Dual Fuel Heating Saves Money

Energy consumption increases when you aren’t using the optimal heating method. You need efficiency, but you also want adequate heat so your system does not need to run constantly and burn even more fuel.

Heat pumps operate very efficiently by moving around heat. When it’s cool out, the heat pump can actually extract heat energy from the outside air and bring it indoors. In freezing temperatures, however, heat pumps are not most efficient because they have to work harder and use lots of electricity.

Furnaces offer better efficiency on the coldest days but burn more fuel than is necessary when it’s merely a little chilly.

Dual fuel heating systems switch between the two systems automatically. The system detects temperature and humidity to gauge the air comfort and chooses the heating method better suited to the conditions—and better suited to low energy bills.

Benefits of Installing a Hybrid Heating System

Furnaces blast very hot air into the home. Sometimes it’s too much heat; that “stuffy” feeling you get when furnaces run during moderate outdoor temperatures. On freezing days, though, you need the maximum warmth afforded by using a furnace.

Heat pumps, on the other hand, provide that “just right” feeling when it’s cold but not freezing. In the cooling months, the heat pump can serve as the air conditioner for most homes in our area.

Dual fuel heating systems provide consistent warmth throughout the home, so you’re never overwhelmed or underheated. Fall, winter, and spring — the system chooses the most comfortable heating method for each day.

Why Choose Gibson Heating & Cooling?

At Gibson Heating & Cooling, we know how to work with every type of heating system. Our technicians understand furnaces and heat pumps, as well as the particular requirements for a dual fuel heating system to work with the best efficiency and comfort.

We work with hybrid systems top manufacturers. From sizing the system to installing it precisely to servicing it later on, you can count on the friendly experts at Gibson for the best possible efficiency and reliable, consistent heating from your dual fuel system.

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