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AC Maintenance in Burlington County

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If you think you might be able to skip HVAC maintenance this year, think again! One of the most common causes for repair work that we encounter is due to simple neglect of the system. Most homeowners never give their air conditioning unit a second thought until it stops working. Unfortunately, your air conditioning system has a lot of moving parts that require routine maintenance to stay in good working order.

Just like a car needs regular maintenance to keep running—and at maximum efficiency—your air conditioner needs the same. Air conditioners contain a number of moving parts, fluids, and electrical components that can wear down over time, eventually leading to inefficiencies or total system malfunction.

While air conditioner repairs cannot always be prevented, preventative maintenance services can significantly lessen the chances that your air conditioning system breaks down unexpectedly.

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Benefits Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep reading to learn about the four main reasons why we recommend regular AC maintenance.

  1. It’s more convenient to have your heating and air conditioning system serviced in the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate instead of scrambling to have the system repaired during extreme weather.
  2. If your system breaks down during extreme weather, you may not have time to evaluate heating and air conditioning companies and repair options. In other words, you don’t have as much control. Regular maintenance helps you avoid
    this situation.
  3. The cost of maintenance is significantly less expensive than the cost of the repair or replacement of your heating and air conditioning system
  4. You’ll extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system and get more value from your investment.

Why Choose Gibson Heating & Cooling for AC Tune-Ups in South Jersey?

Many air conditioning companies may claim to put customer satisfaction first, but at Gibson Heating & Cooling, we live it. We are a small, family run heating and cooling company that has consistently grown our business on the backs of happy customer referrals. Our aim is to make every customer a testimonial by providing unparalleled customer service.

We treat our customers like we would want to be treated when we need professional assistance. We’ll never use complex industry jargon or pushy sales tactics to sell you on repairs or services that you don’t need—or can’t afford. We believe our upfront, consultative approach sets us apart from the competition.

Contact us to learn more about how regular maintenance can give you peace of mind and help you avoid a rushed system repair at the worst possible time—856-220-4158!