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Wine Refrigerators in Cherry Hill, NJ

Wine is an ancient drink. But it’s also one of the most modern. Demanding wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike love to have wine served for many occasions. From fine dining to the neighborhood bar, wine is a basic part of many food service businesses. But wine has special storage requirements necessary to allow it to achieve its optimum taste. This is why a proper wine refrigerator is a vital part of the equipment of any establishment that wants to serve the best possible wine to its customers.

“But I’m not a wine storage expert! How can I find the right commercial wine refrigerators for my needs?” It’s actually quite easy: you call on Gibson Heating & Cooling. We’re commercial refrigeration specialists in Cherry Hill, NJ who work with equipment as varied as reach-in coolers and draft beer systems. We will take care of your needs for wine refrigerators in Burlington, Camden, and Bucks Counties. Our experts offer a level of personalized service you’ll appreciate.

Proper Wine Storage and Refrigeration

Since the first wine cellars, connoisseurs have understood the importance of keeping bottles of wine stored in cool, dry locations. Modern refrigeration technology allows you to have the power of massive wine cellars as part of your business, but without using up so much space.

The temperature that wine must be stored at varies with the grape. Red wines should be stored at "room temperature," which means between 62°F and 68°F. This isn’t an easy temperature to maintain in a commercial space, however, so red wines do need a controlled refrigerated environment. White wines must be stored at a lower temperature, between 44°F and 55°F, and so refrigeration equipment is essential. You can have separate wine refrigerators installed for reds and whites, and there are also multi–zone refrigerators available.

Servicing Commercial Wine Refrigerators

You’ll probably have gathered from the description above that precision is key to wine storage. Fluctuations in conditions can lead to spoiled wine, or wine that doesn’t live up to customer expectations. This is why we recommend regular service for any commercial wine refrigerator to ensure that it’s continuing to work exactly the way it should. Our technicians can catch early if there are malfunctions and have them fixed before they become actual problems.

Of course, you can rely on us whenever you have a sudden malfunction crop up in the refrigerator. Our technicians will reach you promptly to have the issues repaired. This is part of our dedication to superior customer service.

Commercial Refrigeration Experts in Cherry Hill, NJ

We have managed to make our company a success by always treating our customers, whether families or businesses, with the respect they deserve. This means returning phone calls promptly, arriving on time for each job, and doing the work without taking any shortcuts. We will also never upsell a customer on equipment they don’t need. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to commercial refrigeration in Cherry Hill, NJ, from a precision wine refrigerator to a new walk–in freezer, trust Gibson Heating & Cooling to do the job right.

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