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Server Room Cooling in Cherry Hill, NJ

Commercial air conditioning and refrigeration sees too many important needs in businesses. But there’s another part of commercial refrigeration and cooling, and that’s maintaining the right temperatures inside a server room or computer room. Without dependable server room cooling, businesses are in peril of data loss and a possible full shutdown of their operations.

You can’t simply place a fan in a server room or direct the standard air conditioner into it. You must have commercial HVAC professionals like those at Gibson Heating & Cooling handle the installation and other services to maintain the safe temperature conditions for the equipment. We provide personalized customer service to businesses in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington, Camden, and Bucks County. From new coolers to repairs and maintenance, rely on us.

The Importance of Server and Computer Room Cooling

If you ever walk into a computer or server room when there is no cooling system on, you’ll immediately understand the difficulty of conditioning them. These rooms become incredibly hot because of all the electronic equipment, and because of where they are located, they have little ventilation for the heat to escape. Standard cooling methods used for other parts of a commercial building do not work for these rooms.

And the effects of a server room overheating can be catastrophic. The equipment stored here consists of precision electronics that are highly sensitive to heat and moisture. If it becomes damaged, it can mean a shutdown of phones, computers, and worst of all, a possible loss of vital data. You simply can’t afford anything less than the most reliable and effective server room cooling you can find.

We Install Computer and Server Room Cooling Systems

We take great pride in how we personalize all of our HVAC services. Few jobs we do call for this personalized touch as much as installing server and computer room cooling systems. We take into account many factors when we set up a new cooling system for a server room. There are concerns about proper flow of air through the room and how close the equipment is located to each other, the type of ventilation, the required cooling power, etc. Choosing and installing the system must be as precise as the workings of the system. We’re up to the job!

Don’t Jeopardize Your Equipment! Call Us for Repairs in Cherry Hill, NJ

We can’t emphasize enough how important working server room cooling is. If the HVAC system that delivers cool comfort to the working spaces of your business runs into trouble, it’s never good—but at worst you have unhappy employees or customers who go elsewhere. With a server room cooling problem, you’re facing major consequences for operations and even your company’s future. Never hesitate when you believe you need repairs for your server or computer room cooling: you can trust our technicians to show up punctually and get the job done right—no shortcuts!

Gibson Heating & Cooling is proud of our dedication to customer service. It’s the number one priority for us. Others may say it, but we live it! Contact us today for service in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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