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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Cherry Hill, NJ

Here’s a frightening statistic: according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside buildings is often three to four times worse than the air outside. This is the exact opposite of what people usually think of when they think about “air pollution.” This applies to both businesses and homes. If you own and operate a commercial building, there’s a strong possibility the air quality in it could be improved. Better air quality means better conditions for employees and customers as well as protection for building materials and equipment.

Boosting commercial indoor air quality is connected to commercial HVAC. Working with a building’s ventilation system is essential to removing airborne contaminants and balancing humidity. Our commercial HVAC professionals at Gibson Heating & Cooling provide numerous IAQ solutions for businesses in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Camden, Burlington, and Bucks Counties.

Why Commercial Indoor Air Quality Can Be a Problem

You may wonder why the air in a building can be worse than the outdoor air. The problem is that buildings today, especially commercial and industrial buildings, are designed to maintain energy efficiency. This requires sealing the inside of the building from outdoor temperatures. A side effect of this is trapping indoor contaminants coming from a variety of sources. In a commercial venture, there are numerous materials and products releasing pollutants into the air, and without air replacements with fresh outdoor air, it can lead to uncomfortable and unhealthy conditions.

How We Can Improve Air Quality for Your Business

We can implement a wide range of strategies to see that your commercial space is as pollutant–free as possible. Every business has different requirements, so our professionals will take the time to find out exactly what installations will do the right job for your situation.

Air filtration and air purification systems are often the starting place for better IAQ. These devices are installed into the ventilation to trap or remove unwanted particles. Mesh filters must be matched carefully to the HVAC system so they won’t interfere with air flow. For bacteria or mold spores problem, we can install UV air purifiers. If your building needs more fresh air circulation, installing energy and heat recovery ventilators are a great way to do it. We also work with humidifiers and dehumidifiers for when indoor relative humidity is unbalanced.

Rely on Our Expertise for Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Cherry Hill, NJ

When there are so many commercial HVAC contractors serving Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas, why should you turn to us? There are many reasons, but the most important one is that we’re a family–owned and operated company who puts personalized customer service above everything else.

We want you to be satisfied with each job we do, so we always show up on time, treat your business with respect, and never take shortcuts. We’ll never try to upsell you on equipment you don’t need, and if you’ve got a problem with indoor air quality, we’ll move heaven and earth to fix the trouble. Make Gibson Heating & Cooling your first choice for all your commercial HVAC needs, including IAQ.

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