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Serving the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area


Ice Machines in Cherry Hill, NJ

People might think of ice as important during hot summer days to cool down drinks. But many restaurants, hotels, and other establishments require ice every day, even during the winter. Ice is an essential part of many food services, especially bars and any locations that serves alcoholic beverages. Now a business can’t depend on filling up ice cube trays and putting them in freezers to have ice! They must have special ice machines for the job—and those machines need the work of refrigeration professionals when it comes to installing and servicing them.

When you hire the commercial refrigeration experts at Gibson Heating & Cooling, you’ll receive the customized service your company deserves. We work with the best brands of ice machines and can handle repair and maintenance work for them. We aren’t the biggest contractor offering commercial refrigeration in Cherry Hill, NJ and throughout Burlington, Camden, and Bucks Counties—but our smaller size lets us personalize service to customers to ensure their satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is the most important part of the job for us!

Ice Machine Installation and Replacement

There are many types of ice machines in different layouts and configurations. Choosing an ice machine for a business means making a decision about the volume of ice it can store and how much ice it can create at a time. There are also the options about the size and shape of the ice from the machine: are you looking for large cubes, small cubes, cracked ice, ice flakes, etc.? You can count on our commercial refrigeration experts to match you with the right ice machine(s), whether it’s a system for a new location or a replacement unit.

We then will hook up the ice machine, taking great care to ensure it’s correctly connected to your freshwater system. This is where you’ll really appreciate our thorough approach, since even a small water leak can be a big problem.

Is It Time for Ice Machine Repair or Maintenance?

You may notice that your ice machine isn’t creating ice at the rate you need it, or the ice produced is smaller than normal. Maybe the machine has stopped working entirely. Whatever the case, it’s time to contact us for commercial refrigeration repairs. We will arrive on time—we know promptness is important for your business—and we will do all we can to see the issue is fixed and you’re satisfied with our work.

We recommend you sign up for regular maintenance for your ice machine (and all your refrigeration equipment) to prevent emergency repair problems. Maintenance also ensures your ice machine works at peak efficiency.

Put Your Trust in Us for Ice Machine Service in Cherry Hill, NJ

It means a great deal to us that your business is a success. We’re a family–owned and operated company and so we understand what it’s like for a small business. We treat all our customers with respect, the same respect that we would want shown to us. This is how we have an edge on many of the larger contractors who offer service to Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas. Gibson Heating & Cooling places customer satisfaction first! Arrange for ice machine services and other refrigeration services with us today.

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