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Boiler Replacement in Burlington County, NJ

Boilers provide consistent, efficient heating for many years—until one day you wake up or come home to find a cold house and an icy shower. In some cases, the previous owner installed a boiler that is too small or they did not provide adequate maintenance to keep it running in good shape. Whatever the problem, if your boiler does not provide comfortable and reliable heating, you need a boiler replacement.

Gibson Heating & Cooling provides repairs and installation of new boilers for people in the South Jersey area. We’re a friendly, family-owned business with expert technicians who treat you with respect and solve problems quickly. Let us know if you’re having boiler problems, and we can help you enjoy decades of great heating from a brand new boiler.

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Signs You Need a New Boiler

Toward the end of a boiler’s lifespan, it will stop working or start leaking. Repairs might keep it going for a year or more, but eventually boilers do bite the dust. Boiler replacement becomes the practical solution if cleaning and new parts will not help.

Boilers do not have many parts, so leaking and system failure often do call for a complete replacement. A cracked tank, for example, typically cannot be remedied.

Common reasons to replace a boiler include:

  • It’s already 15 years old: That’s the average lifespan for boilers. Just as you would replace an old vehicle that needs frequent repairs, you should consider replacing old boilers that are breaking down or losing efficiency.
  • Leaking water: The metal can actually get so thin that it can’t hold water. Cracks also occur due to rusting and other issues. We can determine if the connections and valves just need to be replaced or if you need a new boiler.
  • Loss of energy efficiency: When your bills start to increase and it’s not due to fuel rates or heating preferences, the boiler is working harder due to scale buildup and worn-out parts.
  • Insufficient heat: Radiators not getting hot? Lukewarm showers? A struggling boiler (or one that is too small for the home) will fail to provide proper heating.
  • Smells or noises: Gas leaks, mineral buildup, or water problems are to blame. Given the potential dangers, it’s best to call for an inspection and get maintenance or boiler replacement.

Boiler Installation in South Jersey

When it’s time to replace a boiler, Gibson Heating & Cooling brings the expertise you need to ensure proper setup and lasting performance from your new boiler. We service heating systems in the South Jersey area and specialize in boiler installation and replacement.

When you call us to inspect your current boiler, we will determine if a more minor repair would be best. Your satisfaction is our top priority—we make sure you understand the problem, know all the available solutions, and we help you choose the right boiler for you and your home. You can expect great service from HVAC professionals who know the finer points of boiler replacement.

Schedule a Boiler Replacement in South Jersey

Broken heating systems are no fun, and we’re here to make things pleasant and comfortable for you. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our reputation throughout the Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Bucks Counties area. We strive to be known for fast, friendly, and professional service for boilers and all other HVAC equipment.

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