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Boiler Repair

Boiler problems getting you steamed? As reliable as boilers are, they do need maintenance and repairs from time to time. If your boiler has stopped working, begun making strange noises, is leaking, or has any other issues — call Gibson Heating & Cooling for boiler repair as soon as possible.

Our trained technicians work with all brands of boilers and bring a wealth of experience to the job. We work with boilers in homes throughout the Philadelphia area, and we know how to troubleshoot the problems quickly and provide the fastest, most long-lasting repairs.

Gibson Heating & Cooling knows boilers, and you can count on us for reliable service from a trustworthy team of professionals. Contact us about your boiler problems and we’ll explain your options and show up to get the job done right the first time. We service boilers in the southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, including Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Bucks Counties.

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Common Boiler Repair Issues

In the Philadelphia area, boilers get a lot of usage. Hard water builds up, parts eventually wear out, and tanks get damaged over time. Here are the most common symptoms of boiler problems and what causes the issues:

  • Pilot light not working: Dirt and debris may be clogging the pilot light, or the thermocouple or another part needs to be replaced.
  • Leaking water: A valve may need replacement, but it’s possible that the tank is cracked or another serious issue has come up. Don’t patch the leak; call an HVAC professional before the problem grows.
  • Knocking or gurgling noises: Deposits from hard water can block the passages and make the water flow noisy. You may also have a problem with air entering the system.
  • Low pressure: A leak or broken valve causes the boiler to lose pressure.
  • Condensate pipe not draining: The condensate has frozen, or the drain pipe or drain is off-kilter. This can lead to a boiler shutdown, so it should repaired by a professional ASAP.
  • Temperature problems: The thermostat sensor is broken, your radiators need to be flushed, or some other boiler repair is necessary.


Boiler Repair Experts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

A malfunctioning boiler might simply need a cleaning or simple part replacement, but homeowners should not attempt to repair boilers as a DIY project. Burns and injuries can easily occur, and amateur repairs can even create a home fire hazard. For the safety and efficiency of your boiler, turn to professionals for maintenance and repairs.

At Gibson Heating & Cooling, we’ve worked with boilers for years. Our technicians can safely repair, clean, and replace boilers so you can enjoy strong and efficient heating right away, and for a long time to come.

Schedule Boiler Repair in the Philadelphia Area

Make one call to get your boiler repair taken care of by HVAC pros you can trust. Ken Gibson has grown a strong reputation among homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area and our customers love to refer their friends and family to us.

Find out how easy and painless boiler repair can be when you choose us to service your heating system. Contact Gibson Heating & Cooling to schedule boiler repair or get a free estimate for heating services in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, or Bucks County.

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