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Boiler Installation in NJ

Time for a new boiler installation? Expert guidance from HVAC professionals can help you select the right boiler and make sure it’s installed correctly for optimum efficiency and performance. In the Philadelphia area, homes can enjoy consistent and reliable heating for many years after installing a new boiler.

Boiler selection takes into account the size of your home, insulation, ventilation, and the local climate. At Gibson Heating & Cooling, our team brings expert knowledge in all of these factors. We install powerful and high-efficiency boilers from top brands, and we know how to choose the right boilers for small and large homes, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, and more.

For boiler service in the Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Bucks Counties area, contact Gibson Heating & Cooling today to get started.

Boiler Installation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Boilers offer energy-efficient and reliable heating for the cold winters around the Philadelphia area. If you need to replace an old boiler or install a heating system for new construction, we can help you find the “right-sized” solution that will work best for your home.

The boiler installation process involves several key steps:

  • Heating capacity: Measured in BTUs, the required heating capacity can be estimated based on the square footage of your house.
  • Windows, doors, and insulation: Homes with drafts or low insulation may need slightly higher BTUs than the square footage would suggest.
  • Fuel type: Most new boilers are fueled by natural gas, but there are also electric and oil-fueled boilers.
  • Energy efficiency: You can save money over time and reduce your carbon footprint with a more efficient model.
  • Ventilation: Depending on whether the boiler needs to be installed in a tight space or an open basement, various methods of ventilation may be recommended or required.


Specialists in Boiler Installation for the Philadelphia Area

We’ve established ourselves as residential HVAC specialists with a deep knowledge of boiler installation and maintenance. We know the requirements for various types of buildings in our climate, and our technicians know how to work with a variety of traditional and modern equipment.

Gibson Heating & Cooling helps you determine the right boiler system for your home comfort, your budget, and the efficiency ratings you want. Your new boiler should last decades if installed and maintained properly, and we can help you get the best heating comfort and performance out of your investment.

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Boiler services become very busy during the cold months of the year. Make the call today to replace your old boiler or install a new heating system. We offer fast and friendly service because we love helping our neighbors stay warm and comfortable for the winter!

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