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Why Proper Furnace Sizing Is Essential

Each home is unique. Because of this, each one will have unique heating requirements. What this means is that finding the right size furnace is a must. Unfortunately, some homeowners believe when it comes to heating systems, “bigger is always better.” However, this simply isn’t the case.

Purchasing a furnace that is too small or too large for the size of your home can lead to many issues and result in the need for ongoing heater repair in Bensalem, PA.

However, if you aren’t convinced, this is important. Keep reading. Here, you can learn why finding the right size furnace is so important.

The Importance of Size

It’s important to purchase a furnace that can efficiently and consistently heat your home. That’s the main reason that choosing the right size is so important.

If the furnace is too small, it will redline constantly and consume a lot of fuel just to meet your heating demand. In the long run, this constant demand on your heating system will result in high levels of wear and tear and cause the system to fail long before it should. Also, since the heating system may have to run almost constantly to keep your home comfortable, your energy costs will increase significantly.

Unfortunately, an oversized furnace can cause issues, too. These provide too much heat too quickly, resulting in “short cycling.” Put simply; this means the furnace is constantly turning on and off, increasing strain and wear and tear. It will also use more energy and break down quicker.

Calculating Furnace Size

It’s best to work with professionals to determine the right size furnace for your home. Some of the factors that are considered include:

Square Footage of Your Home

All rooms that require heating should be factored into this. It includes finished attics and basements. Rooms often vary in shape and size, which is also considered.

Heating Factor

Heating and cooling are relative to the temperatures outside. There are five standard zones in the United States, each having unique BTU requirements. The further you are from the equator, the more BTUs are required.


Homes that are well insulated don’t require as much heating as those that are not. Along with attic and wall insulation, floors and ceilings in some rooms need insulation. It’s also necessary to seal and caulk doors and windows.

To calculate your home’s heating requirements, the professionals will multiply your home’s square footage by the heating factor. The better insulation your home has, the lower BTUs are needed.

Call the Professionals for Help

It’s best not to take chances when determining what size furnace your home needs. Getting it right will help ensure your home remains comfortable and that the unit operates efficiently during periods of colder weather. The professionals will ensure you purchase the right size heating system and provide proper installation for the unit.

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