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Why Isn’t My Heater Giving Out Enough Heat?

When your heat system fails it can feel like a betrayal of an otherwise dependable friend. And heater problems always happen at the worst possible times. Perhaps it is right before the relatives arrive for a big holiday gathering. Or more likely it is the worst cold snap of the year.

Heating problems occur with all heat systems. If you need heater repair in Cherry Hill, NJ then the professional team at Gibson Heating & Cooling is ready to help. We have expertise in all heat systems.

Electric Furnaces

Is your electric furnace turned on? A blown fuse or tripped breaker will turn your furnace off. You will not get any heat.

Lukewarm air could be a sign your thermostat is set incorrectly or not working. Test a few different thermostat settings to see if you get a different result in the temperature of air out of your vents.

A blocked filter will prevent hot air from reaching your living spaces. Inspect the air filter for clogs, dust, or debris. Sometimes a filter gets put in backward. Filters should be inspected, cleaned or replaced every 1 to 3 months.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are similar to electric furnaces. Start by checking your thermostat. Then check the filters. The difference between a gas furnace and an electric furnace is obviously its fuel source.

In a gas furnace, you should look to ensure the pilot light is burning. Restoring your warm air may be as simple as relighting the pilot light. If the pilot light will not relight you may have a closed gas valve or electronic ignition problem. Call a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue.


Boilers heat your home by circulating water through pipes to your radiators. A low water level in your boiler could cause a lack of heat. Your boiler should be half-full. A professional technician will diagnose a malfunction in your boiler’s automatic filling system.

The build-up of mineral deposits inside the boiler decreases the boiler’s ability to heat to your desired temperature. A technician will flush the boiler to clean out the system to get your heat back on track.

The problem may be in your radiator. Air trapped in the radiator causes restricted water flow. Or faulty valves leading to your radiator will prevent water from flowing and stop heat getting to your living space.

Boilers also have circuit breakers and fuses that could be tripped or blown. Resetting the circuit or replacing the fuse are fixes that can be done by the homeowner to get the heat flowing again.

A technician can diagnose problems with the fuel. They will ensure the valve is open for natural gas or propane boilers. They will check the ignition source for issues and relight your pilot light.

Gibson Heating & Cooling isn’t the largest company but our expertise in all things heating ensures our customers are always satisfied with our service.

Make the Wise Choice, choose the home of the lifetime repair guarantee! Call Gibson Heating & Cooling for heating repair done fast and right!

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