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Why We Recommend a Whole-House Generator

generator-residentialIf you have ever had to make it through an extended power outage in your home, you know how harmful they can be. They bring life to a standstill, stop most basic activities, and during the winter can leave you trapped with a freezing cold home.

You don’t have to deal with this kind of nightmare, however. You can have a whole-house generator installed. This is the best form of back-up in case of a loss of power from the electrical grid due to extreme weather, accidents, or strain.

You might think a whole-house generator is a bit too much. Why not a less expensive portable generator? There are some good reasons why we recommend you call us for a whole-house generator installation rather than rely on a portable generator or no generator at all.

ONE: All the electrical power you require

What appliances do you need running in your home during a blackout that lasts for a few hours or possibly a few days? Lights, the refrigerator, the heating system, powered medical equipment, the security system… these are the starting points. You can’t supply enough electrical power to these appliances with only a portable generator, certainly not for several hours. A portable generator is primarily useful for taking on the road or for campsites. A professionally installed whole-house generator can meet your exact needs without interruption.

TWO: Convenient

You don’t need to take time to hook up a portable generator to supply power to parts of the house. The whole-house generator is hardwired into the electrical system already. When it activates, it cuts off the home’s electrical system from the grid and takes over until it isn’t needed anymore.

THREE: Automatic

The automatic whole-house standby generator makes using back-up power even more convenient: it turns on automatically when there’s a loss of power to the house. You don’t need to go outside at night or in terrible weather and struggle to get the generator going. This is also excellent for taking care of a power outage when you’re not home.

FOUR: Easy fueling

Generators either run from natural gas or liquid propane. If your home has a natural gas line, your generator has an unlimited supply of fuel flowing to it—no need to fear that the generator will run out of fuel, no matter the length of the power outage. For homes without natural gas, a propane generator is a good choice. Propane has a long shelf life and a large supply can be housed in compressed tanks.

FIVE: Safety

Whole-house generators are stored outside where they can easily vent fuel emissions. Portable generators kept inside a home create unhealthy fumes and aren’t safe to run for extended periods.

We’re the Cherry Hill, NJ, HVAC contractor who can also take care of equipping your home with a powerful whole-house generator. We install the best quality Generac back-up generators, one of the most reliable names in back-up power for homes. Our technicians will match your house with a generator that supplies the exact voltage necessary for your family to sail right through the next neighborhood blackout.

Want to find out more about whole-house generators? Call Gibson Heating & Cooling. We serve the Greater Cherry Hill, NJ, area.

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