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Reasons Your Boiler Can’t Keep Up With the Cold

condensing-gas-boilerAny heating system installed in a home is supposed to keep up with cold weather, no matter how far the outdoor thermometer drops. That is the baseline expectation for this type of equipment, and professional installers look for units to match the heat requirements for a house and which can deal with the coldest days and nights.

So when you have a boiler that simply cannot maintain the comfort levels you want, you have a problem. But what is the problem? And what can be done about it?

You’re asking the right people, since we have a decade of history making sure homes stay warm in the Cherry Hill area. We’ve listed some of the possible reasons you have a boiler that isn’t making the grade.

The Boiler Was Poorly Installed

Let’s get right into the worst of it. As we said above, any heating system needs professionals to install it to ensure it’s the right type and size of system and it can do what needs to be done. If this is a new boiler system and you’re already having problems with warmth, you may have gone with the wrong heating contractor, possibly someone without proper licensing or experience. You’ll have to have a new boiler put in, and our experts will see the job is done right.

One or More of the Baseboard Heaters/Radiators Has Failed

Check the various baseboard heaters and radiators in the rooms. Has one gone cold, or isn’t as warm as it once was? This might be trouble with the room unit itself, but it could also come from the manifold or clogged lines in the boiler.

Heat Exchanger Problems

The heat exchanger is the part of the boiler where the heat from the combustion gases transfers into the water tank. If the heat exchanger starts to corrode or there is a sediment layer in the tank blocking the exchanger from sending enough heat into the water, the temperature of the water in the boiler may drop.

Broken Circulator Pump

A boiler has few mechanical moving parts, and this is why boilers can often outlast other types of heaters like furnaces and heat pumps. But there is a crucial mechanical component called the circulator pump. If it malfunctions, it affects the boiler’s ability to send water through the pipes to the rooms. Technicians can easily repair the circulator pump if this is the problem.

The Boiler Is Too Old

If a boiler receives routine maintenance care and repairs done promptly as needed, it can last from 20 to 30 years. When your boiler gets into that range, it will have a stronger likelihood of decline from age. Corrosion along with the elements, limescale developing in the tanks, and other age-related issues will eventually take a toll on even the best cared-for boiler. When heating problems are combined with rising heating costs, it may be time to schedule a replacement.

No matter what heating replacement or heating repair in Marlton, NJ you need, depend on our experts.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area. Rescue your boiler with a call to our experts.

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