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The Continuing Popularity of Boilers, Explained

boiler-residentialThe majority of homes in the U.S. have a furnace installed to handle comfort needs during the winter. Furnaces are flexible and have enormous heating power. But boiler systems have stayed around even as furnaces became the most common home heater. Boilers show no signs of going away either.

What is it that gives boilers an edge that still makes them competitive? There are a number of reasons homeowners may choose to have a boiler system set up for their new home rather than a conventional forced-air furnace.

Boilers can save money on energy efficiency

A boiler heats the interior of a building by circulating hot water from its tanks to different terminal points in rooms, such as radiators and baseboard heaters. Water is a better thermal transfer medium than air. It can hold more heat and loses less of it on the way to the terminal points. This makes a boiler more efficient at delivering heat. Compared to a gas furnace, a gas boiler costs less to run from year to year.

Boilers help keep down dust in the air

When a furnace blower fan turns on, it blasts out dust, dander, lint, and other particles from inside the duct work and blows it all around the house. This is especially troublesome for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. A boiler, on the other hand, delivers clean heat because it doesn’t blow air around at all; instead, it radiates heat from hot surfaces.

Boilers can last for many years

Mechanical wear and tear will eventually bring a heater’s service life to an end. But the fewer mechanical parts, the slower the decline—and this gives boilers an edge over furnaces and heat pumps. You can expect a boiler to outlast other types of heating systems by a number of years. (And you’ll have fewer repairs to worry about as well.)

Boilers spread heat evenly through rooms

One of the annoyances with heat from a furnace is that the hot air comes out of the vents and goes to gather at the ceiling of a room. It takes a while for the heat to spread throughout the living space, and it often leaves cold spots. Boilers evenly radiate heat into a space, delivering comfort faster and without those cold dead zones.

Boilers can be used for in-floor heating

The hydronic power of a boiler can be put to use for one of the best comfort systems available to homes today: in-floor heating. The boiler doesn’t send hot water to radiators and baseboard heaters, but instead through plastic pipes set in a subfloor right under the floorboards. The heat radiates from beneath people’s feet, creating a relaxing and cozy sensation. It’s even more energy efficient than other types of boilers.

When you need any service for your heating in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas, you can rely on us. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a boiler, furnace, or heat pump. We do each job right and we never take shortcuts.

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