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Please Leave Heating Repair to the Professionals

furnace-repair-technicianA rough winter in New Jersey places a lot of stress on a home heating system. Even with the finest regular maintenance, a heater may be overwhelmed and malfunction—most likely at the worst time possible. (You know it’s true!)

So what do you do when you have a failing or failed home heater during a chilly winter day? You may be tempted to find some tools, punch up a DIY guide on a tablet, and see if you can fix whatever is wrong on your own. And that may seem like the fastest and cheapest route. But it’s neither fast nor cheap. It might not even be legal and it can also be extremely dangerous. Please, if your heating system needs a repair, get in touch with a professional HVAC contractor to handle the work. After all, it’s what we do, and we’re focused on seeing repairs are done both fast and right!

Let’s Talk Safety First

Safety first. Always, always, always!

The majority of homes in the area rely on gas-powered heaters, like natural gas furnaces and boilers, for winter heat. A gas furnace or boiler that’s well-maintained will rarely pose any safety threat to a household. A gas furnace or boiler that’s incorrectly repaired or receives non-professional tampering, however, can become a serious danger.

This is why in most jurisdictions the only people legally permitted to fix an appliance hooked up to a gas line are certified professionals. If you try to fix a gas heating system on your own, you’re risking your health and the health of people in the house and your neighbors. Don’t even try to check for leaks on your own! If you suspect you have a malfunctioning gas heater, shut off the gas line and call for professional repair assistance.

Proper Diagnosis Is Key

Leaving aside the safety issue (and it applies to electric heaters as well, to a lesser degree), one of the reasons you want to leave repairs to licensed professionals is diagnosis. For any outward problem a heater may show, the underlying cause can be multiple things. For example, if a heater is short-cycling, meaning that it’s turning on and off rapidly without completing a cycle, the cause could be:

  • A clogged air filter
  • Leaking air ducts
  • A failing compressor motor (heat pump)
  • A failing blower motor
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • An improperly sized heating system

How can you tell what the real problem is? You ask a pro!

Make a Few Checks, Then Give Us a Call

When your heater stops working, there are a few steps you can take to check on the system to make sure it’s not something simple. See if the air filter is clogged, check on the thermostat settings, see if any circuit breakers have been tripped. But don’t open the heater’s cabinet to do anything further.

We’re the Mt. Laurel, NJ, HVAC contractor to call when your heater needs repairs to restore it to top condition. We promise that once you work with us, you’ll never want to call another HVAC contractor in the future.

Repair your heater with the company dedicated to the best in customer service. Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Greater Cherry Hill, NJ area.

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