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How a Thermostat Can Make Your Home Heating Go All Wrong

thermostatWhen a thermostat goes rogue, it’s a big problem. A thermostat may look small, but then termites are small as well, and everyone knows they can be one of the worst problems a house can face. A bad thermostat won’t create as major an ordeal as a termite infestation, but it can still lead to unpleasant days and nights, large utility bills, and even a busted heating system.

We would love to help you avoid heater repair in Cherry Hill, NJ and all those other headaches a misbehaving or broken thermostat can cause. And we’re always ready to help when you think you’ve got a broken thermostat.

Here’s How a Thermostat Can Mess Up Your Winter

Are you curious what a thermostat can do to your comfort and more during a New Jersey winter? You can probably guess some on your own; others might be a surprise…

  • Cold spots in the house: The most common trouble a thermostat can have is a temperature miscalibration. A thermostat can start to misread the temperature by only a few degrees and it will have a noticeable effect on the house. If the thermostat registers a colder temperature than it should, the heating system will shut off early. Pushing up the thermostat to make up for this is only asking for worse problems ahead.
  • Hot spots in the house: The thermostat can be miscalibrated the other direction, reading temperatures that are too warm and allowing the heater to run longer than it should. This can make the house stuffy and waste power. In both cases, it’s easy for a professional to recalibrate the thermostat so it gets you back on track.
  • Heater won’t turn on: A thermostat has multiple wire connections to the heating system to activate the burners, compressor, blower fan—whatever parts a necessary for it to work. Frayed wires can cause the thermostat to lose the connection that activates these components. The fan or the heater may not come on at all, no matter how you adjust the thermostat.
  • Heater won’t turn off: And the opposite problem can occur as well if the wires responsible for shutting off the blower fan or heater comes loose. It can be hard to diagnose when the thermostat is responsible for this problem, so always rely on a professional technician to make the diagnosis.
  • Damage to the HVAC system: Yes, this can happen if the thermostat is upgraded without the help of a professional. HVAC technicians see this often: a homeowner discovers what looks like a great deal on a brand-new Wi-Fi smart thermostat online, buys the unit, installs it, and the unit ends up damaging the HVAC system. Older HVAC systems can’t always work with the complex algorithms of the newest climate controls. If you want a better thermostat for your home, please call our technicians to handle selecting the unit and putting it in place.

No matter the trouble you’re having with your home heating, no matter the source, you only need to contact us for the help that will fix it, and fix it right.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Greater Cherry Hill, NJ, area. Call us when you need your heating to go right!

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