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Heating Repair in April? Yes, You Still Need It

wrenchesThe calendar may say April, your mind may be thinking spring—but that doesn’t mean you can ignore problems with your home heating system. We know it’s tempting to delay on having repairs done because the summer weather is approaching and we’re already enjoying warmer days. But please, if you think you need heating repair in Medford, NJ in April, call our technicians as soon as you can to have the system looked at and fixed.

Why Heating Repairs Are Important—Regardless of Season

No matter how close we are to the last chilly day until late fall, heating repairs are always a priority. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Safety: You probably use a natural gas furnace or natural gas boiler to heat your home. Gas is less expensive than electricity and can deliver a large heating output. But any gas appliance can develop safety hazards if it’s allowed to run with a malfunction. As soon as you detect a problem with your furnace or boiler, shut it off and close the valve on the appliance’s gas line. Then call for repairs and let the technician fix the system so it will run safely.
  • Reliability: At the end of a long winter of keeping a house warm, a heater will have accumulated a great deal of stress, making it more likely to suffer from a full breakdown. If you let your heater keep running when it needs to be repaired, you’re putting yourself at risk of losing all your heating when the next cold snap hits. (And since plenty of other people will have busted heating systems at this time, it’ll be harder to get prompt repair service.)
  • Efficiency: Any time that a heater is malfunctioning, it will probably start to drain more power than normal because it will have to work harder to make up for either heat loss or strain on its moving parts. You don’t want to spend the cold days of the season paying much more than you should, so have repairs done to keep the system efficient.
  • Longevity: The stress placed on a heater because of repair problems will cause the system to age faster. This can contribute to needing a replacement sooner than normal. The sooner a repair is done, the less damage the heater will suffer.
  • Preparation: If you shut off the heater for the season when there’s something wrong with it, it increases the chance of the heater not working when you need it again in fall. In fact, the malfunction may worsen over the period the heater is hibernating. The last thing you want to do when it’s time to fire up the heating system again in fall is to immediately need to call for repairs.

Schedule Heating Repair Along with AC Maintenance

If you haven’t arranged for your spring maintenance yet, you can have two jobs done with one call. Tell us you’ve got a heating problem you’d like fixed and an AC you want prepped—and we’ll see you receive the work you need.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Greater Cherry Hill, NJ Area. If you need heating repair, call us and we’ll take care of you.

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