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Don’t Let Gas Furnace Repairs Go at the End of the Season

hands-opening-heating-cabinetApril may bring showers, but it’s also a time when the annual climate starts the ascent toward staying warm through the summer. Good news in most ways—but unfortunately one way it isn’t good is that it makes it more likely for homeowners to ignore a malfunctioning gas furnace. When people know they soon won’t need the furnace running for a long stretch, they might shrug off what looks like small malfunctions. Those can wait until the fall, can’t they?

We don’t recommend anyone take this approach! It’s always best to have gas furnace repairs done as soon as possible after you notice something is wrong. Arrange for a heating contractor to come to your house, inspect the system, diagnose the problem, and have it remedied.

Why we advise prompt furnace repair

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should never procrastinate about getting that furnace fixed, no matter how “small” the problem may look on the outside.

  • Safety: What looks like a minor glitch with a gas furnace could be harmful to your household. It’s always smart to be cautious with gas-burning appliances so they don’t create carbon monoxide or combustion hazards. An issue liked a cracked heat exchanger can lead to CO leaks. Prompt repairs are an essential part of maintaining a safe heating system for your house.
  • Longevity: Any trouble inside a furnace will place stress on the rest of the system, increasing the amount of wear and tear it undergoes. This can end up shortening the service lifespan of the furnace. Replacing a furnace years before its time is a big budget drain.
  • Energy efficiency: You don’t want to pay higher energy bills for the first part of spring than necessary. But when a furnace isn’t working at its best, it creates a higher drain on power that will force you to pay more on your utility bills.
  • Reliability in fall: Shutting down a furnace for the season when it still has a malfunction increases the chance that it will fail when you need the system again for the first cold day of fall. Scheduling repairs in spring not only gives the furnace a better chance of working again when you need it, it’s also an opportunity to find out if you should have the furnace replaced. That way you’re as ready as possible for the next winter.

We’re the team for your furnace repairs

Because you don’t want to delay with any heating repair in Medford, NJ necessary for your furnace, regardless of the season, call for HVAC experts you can trust. Our service professionals show up on time, are always honest and direct with customers, and do the best job without taking shortcuts. We work with many types of heating systems, not only natural gas furnaces. No matter the type of heater you have, see that it doesn’t turn off for the summer with a problem—get in touch with us. We offer service throughout the Cherry Hill area.

Gibson Heating & Cooling is family-owned and operated—we understand how to earn trust by treating families right!

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