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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Repairing a Heating System

furnace-repair-technicianWe still have to worry about keeping heating systems in good shape for another month or so. If you need to have heating repair in Cherry Hill, NJ to keep your furnace running, than you should definitely call us to schedule the work. It’s no good to “wait it out” during spring.

In fact, that’s one important thing people often don’t know about heating repairs:

ONE: Repairs can be done at any time of the year

Yes, please don’t let the illusion of the early spring warmth make you think that there’s no reason to move fast to have repairs done on your furnace or other heating system. When a heater has to be repaired, it has to be repaired. Delaying can worsen the problem, damage the heating system further, and even create a potential safety hazard.

Here are four other things you didn’t know about repairing a heating system.

TWO: No gas furnace or gas boiler repair can be done by an amateur

Not only is a non-professional unable to make accurate repairs to a natural gas heater like a furnace or boiler, but they are not allowed to. Any type of service to an appliance connected to a gas main must be done by a specially certified professional. This restriction is in place for a good reason—a mishandled repair on a gas heater can create toxic gas or combustion hazards.

THREE: Gas systems can have electrical repair needs

People sometimes imagine they’ll still be able to get heating from their gas furnace or boiler in case of a power outage. But this hasn’t been true since the days of coal-burning furnaces. The modern gas furnace and boiler use electronic components to operate, and most have an electronic ignition system. When your gas heater won’t turn on, many times the problem lies in the wiring or the ignition system. It still takes good old’ electronic knowledge to fix most heating problems.

FOUR: 85% of Repairs Can Be Easily Prevented

You can make the majority of the repairs your heater will need during its lifetime vanish if you get into one simple habit: you never forget to schedule fall maintenance with a professional. When an HVAC technician provides your heater with a yearly check-up, cleaning, and adjustment, the heater will run with less stress and therefore fewer repair troubles. That 85% isn’t an exaggeration.

FIVE: Repairs can’t keep a heater running forever

As a heater ages, it will need a higher number of repairs. As effective as regular maintenance is, it can’t stop age from affecting the heating system. Eventually, the wear will set in and the heater will begin to decline past the point where repairs can do much good. Although you can keep trying to push the heater farther with repairs, the repair costs will soon be much steeper than having a new system installed. It’s important to recognize when you’re approaching this point so you can have a new heater put in before the old one becomes a lost cause.

You can always trust our technicians to give you honest answers about your heating system, such as when repairs are a good choice or a replacement is the best way forward.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Cherry Hill, NJ area. Call us for heating repair when you need it.

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