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Don’t Ignore Late-Season Furnace Problems!

furnace-testingIt’s already March! And March means the official end of winter—at least at the close of the month. But anybody who has spent a few winters in New Jersey knows, the “official” end of winter doesn’t mean we suddenly enjoy warmer temperatures. March can often end with furious storms, and even April can experience them. This is why we want to draw special attention to the need for furnace repair in Marlton, NJ at this time of year. We understand that homeowners may think they can put off supposedly “minor” troubles with their furnace when it’s getting close to spring. After all, they soon won’t need their furnace running, so why not put off those pesky repairs until later?

The purpose of this blog post is to tell you not to delay when it comes to furnace repairs for malfunctions, no matter the time of year, no matter how small the problem may seem. There are several good reasons for this, which we’ve listed below.

ONE: You want to keep your furnace running safely

The first priority for any home heating system is to keep it operating at its safest level. Furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous heating systems (otherwise they’d never be permitted in homes in the first place), but if they’re neglected when in need of service, they can become hazardous. Any issue you notice with your gas furnace can be contributing to making the furnace less safe. The sooner you have professionals inspect the furnace and make repairs, the safer your family will be. And electric furnaces can become safety hazards as well, so they aren’t excluded.

TWO: You’ll be prepared for those March–April cold surprises

We already mentioned how the weather of early spring doesn’t play by the rules. You can face a deep chill just when you’re ready to start enjoying the outdoors. You want a heating system that’s ready to take on the cold when it comes back, and a faulty heater is not prepared for this. You may find yourself stuck with a fully failed furnace at the moment you need it the most at the end of the season. Any seemingly minor repair can cause a full heater failure or at the least a significant drop in heating capacity.

THREE: You won’t pay more for heat than you have to

Nearly any type of malfunction with a furnace will cause it to work harder to do its normal job. This will cause the heating costs on your utility bills to rise. Why pay more for the heat you need at the end of the season when it can be fixed with just a call to our technicians?

FOUR: You’ll help the heater enjoy a longer lifespan

The strain that any malfunction in a furnace will cause to the system will not only contribute to raising the cost to run it, it will also wear the system down. This can lead to a more expensive repair, but it will also accumulate the stress on the furnace and age it faster. You don’t want to have years shaved off the furnace’s future just because of a delayed repair.

Having your furnace repaired isn’t difficult: you only need to reach out to the Gibson team and we’ll take it from there.

Make the Wise Choice, choose the home of the lifetime repair guarantee: Gibson Heating & Cooling.

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