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Did You Know About These Benefits of Heating Maintenance?

hand-check-markingFall is when we make sure our customers know that it’s time for heating maintenance. This is an essential home service for heating in Cherry Hill, NJ, and it’s important not to skip it, much the same way you shouldn’t skip regular oil changes and tune-ups for vehicles.

We have plenty to say about the amazing ways heating maintenance benefits a home. We’re going to look at some of the benefits our customers are often unaware of. Sure, most people know that professional maintenance for a furnace or other heating system makes it less likely the heater will breakdown and leave them in the cold during the middle of winter. But they often don’t know about these other benefits…

Maintenance Keeps the Warranty in Place

The manufacturer’s equipment warranty on parts and labor is an important consumer protection. Around 2% of heating systems leave the factory with some type of fault that can lead to malfunctions or a full breakdown later on. A warranty keeps a customer from having to pay for repairs or a replacement because of a problem that stemmed from the manufacturer. However, warranties only remain in force if the heating system receives annual maintenance. When you remember to schedule maintenance each fall, you’re protecting yourself from unnecessary expenditures.

Maintenance Gets Heaters to Their Maximum Service Lives

A gas furnace can last from 15 to 20 years. There are even situations of furnaces going for longer than 30 years, although this is rare. But you should have few problems getting the furnace in your house to its 20th birthday if you schedule professional tune-ups and inspections for it each year. (And if you miss too many regular appointments, you can cut the furnace’s service life in half.)

Maintenance Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

This often surprises people. What does maintaining a heater have to do with the air in the house? Plenty, it turns out! The heater is part of the HVAC system responsible for circulating air through the rooms. A dirty furnace or heat pump will add more dust and debris into the house. Air circulation will often suffer, and there’s the increase danger of harmful exhaust fumes getting into the living spaces from a gas-powered heater.

Maintenance Reduces Calls to HVAC Contractors by 85%

It’s true—on average, 85% of the repairs a furnace may need during its service life can be prevented. All it takes is routine maintenance. You’ll rarely ever (possibly never) need to make an emergency repair call for your heater.

Maintenance Plans Come With Incentives

HVAC contractors want customers to enroll in a regular maintenance program to help make the process easier for them. To encourage enrollment, they provide additional incentives. The Gibson Heating & Cooling HVAC maintenance plans includes a 15% discount on repairs, a lifetime guarantee on repairs, waived service fees on repairs, and priority scheduling. (That’s our way of saying that you come first on our service list when you’ve got trouble.)

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Greater Cherry Hill Area. Schedule heating maintenance with our team today.

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