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Can My Furnace Become Dangerous?

furnace-oldIt’s October, and maybe you’re having spooky thoughts about parts of your house during the evenings. If you have a gas furnace in the basement, you might be a bit startled at the sounds it makes as it comes on if you’re wandering in the depths of the house at night. But is that gas furnace an actual danger? Not just a noise in the night, but something that could turn into a combustion hazard or allow for the leak of toxic gases?

We understand this is a concern some homeowners have, and in this post we want to both assure you about your furnace’s operation, while also cautioning you about how to take care of the furnace to keep it running at its safest.

Assurances First …

If furnaces were a routine danger to homes and families, they wouldn’t be in homes warming families. Natural gas furnaces are the most common type of residential heating system in the US, used from Maine to California. You’ll even find them in Hawaii. They wouldn’t be this frequent if they were regularly causing harm! Certainly, state and federal agencies would’ve clamped down on their use long ago if this were the case.

The modern gas furnace is constructed to meet rigorous standards of safety. Each furnace has precautions built into it to stop the leak of toxic gases or the creation of fire hazards. In addition, homes that use natural gas—for any appliance—are required to have carbon monoxide detectors in place to provide an early warning should CO leak into the living spaces.

Cautions Second …

No gas furnace can ever be 100% free from problems, so it is possible for one to become dangerous. The chance of this happening is slim if a furnace receives the right care and its owner takes several precautionary steps.

The most important precautionary measure is to schedule annual professional maintenance for a furnace in fall. Each and every fall. During maintenance, HVAC technicians carefully inspect the furnace to find any spot where it requires repairs. Cleaning and adjustments keep the furnace working at its highest possible safety levels.

Keeping the furnace in good repair is also important. At the first sign your furnace isn’t working the way it should (such as strange noises you aren’t used to hearing), always have professionals repair the unit as soon as possible. Don’t try to investigate the problem on your own—this can create hazards, and in most jurisdictions it’s illegal for anyone except a licensed professional to work on a gas line.

Please keep the area around your furnace clear for at least a foot, and don’t store combustibles of any kind near it. Paints and paint thinners especially need to be kept far from the furnace’s heat.

We Have the Furnace Services to Keep You Safe

Whether it’s time to schedule furnace maintenance (and now is definitely the time) or you need fast furnace repair in Marlton, NJ or elsewhere in the Cherry Hill area, we’re the HVAC contractor to rely on. Complete satisfaction is what sets us apart!

Arrange for the heating help you need: Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the Greater Cherry Hill, NJ area.

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