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The Best Reasons to Schedule Fall Heating Maintenance

technician-examining-gas-furnaceOnce the calendar turns to October, there’s no denying that fall has arrived. The weather will start to cool down (although a few hot days may still blaze up) and the leaves change color. The kids are back in school, your neighbors are planning their Halloween party, and you’re starting to wonder if your heating system is going to work when you need it.

What? You aren’t worried about your heater? We applaud your confidence, but your heater may not agree. Especially if it doesn’t have its annual maintenance.

Fall is the time to arrange for a professional to come to your home and provide your furnace with an inspection and tune-up. There are many reasons to have this done each fall, and below we’ve listed a few of the most important ones.

It keeps the heater running safely

This is an essential step if you have a natural gas furnace. Using a gas furnace isn’t inherently dangerous, since current designs have many safeguards in them. But the potential for hazards is still there, and it gets higher if the furnace doesn’t receive a professional inspection and tune-up each year. You can trust to a certified HVAC technician to locate any repairs that need to be done to keep the furnace safe.

It prevents most repair problems and breakdowns

And by most we mean 85% of potential repairs. You’ll rarely need to call for HVAC service technicians to repair your heater if you have maintenance every fall, and that means more convenience and less money spent on keeping the heater working. This prevention also means the heater has little chance of suffering a catastrophic breakdown—which is the last thing you want to happen during a cold winter night.

It helps the heater run efficiently

A furnace has an efficiency rating called AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the percentage of AFUE, the more of its natural gas supply the furnace converts into heat and the less is lost through exhaust. But efficiency will decline each year the furnace misses maintenance, usually around 5%. This drop in efficiency applies to other heating systems as well, such as boilers (also AFUE) and heat pumps (HSPF). In other words, you’ll end up paying more to run a heater that isn’t maintained annually.

It prolongs equipment life

How long would you like your home heater to last? Forever, right? Of course, that’s not realistic. But you want to get as many effective years out of your heater as possible. The best way to ensure the heater doesn’t fail on you many years too early is to also have fall maintenance. The service technicians will help keep the effects of aging from catching up with the furnace early.

Among the many HVAC services in Marlton, NJ we offer is excellent heating maintenance. When you sign up for our HVAC maintenance program, you’ll receive two tune-ups each year (one for your heating and one for your air conditioning) as well as other benefits. Call us for more information and to sign up for your seasonal maintenance.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area. Arrange for your heating maintenance with us today.

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