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5 Things You May Not Know About Your Boiler

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Does a boiler handle the job of keeping your home a welcoming and livable space during the winters? You may be aware of all the wonderful things a boiler does for you, but unless you’re a specialist at HVAC services in Medford, NJ, there are plenty of facts about the boiler you may not know. We’ve worked on boiler systems for a decade, and we’d like to share some interesting facts about. Getting to know your boiler a bit better can often help you understand when you need to call for service to repair it—or when it’s time to place it.

Thing 1: Your boiler doesn’t actual boil water

The first boilers invented did boil the water inside them: these are called steam boilers, and you can still find them at work in commercial and industrial buildings that require higher heating power. But the modern residential boiler no longer “boils.” It just heats. The boiler can raise the water temperature far above 140°F without boiling it, and this is more than enough to deliver heat to your household.

Thing 2: Your boiler has excellent energy efficiency compared to a forced-air heater

A forced-air heater is a system that provides warmth by heating up air and distributing it to rooms with a blower. Furnaces are the most common type of forced-air heater. Your boiler is probably more efficient than having a furnace. This is because water is a better medium for heat transfer than air—less heat is lost.

Thing 3: Your boiler can enjoy a long service life …

Because boilers have far fewer moving parts than a furnace or other forced-air heater (there’s no blower fan working constantly), they accumulate stress much slower. This means your boiler will not only experience fewer repair needs during its service life, but it can have an extremely long service life—often more than 20 years.

Thing 4: … but your will eventually need to be replaced

However, no boiler is invulnerable or immortal, and the boiler service your house is no exception. Once your boiler is more than 20 years old, keep a watch for signs of it losing efficiency (such as higher heating bills), leaking, or developing corrosion. Our technicians can help you make the choice about when to replace the boiler, and they’ll work with you to find the ideal one to replace it.

Thing 5: Your boiler can help your home enjoy better air quality

This is a boiler fact people often don’t know, even as they benefit from it. Forced-air systems using ductwork (which is most of them, although there are ductless heat pumps) blow around the dust accumulated inside the ducts whenever the system turns on. A forced-air heater can circulate around 60 pounds of dust a year in a six-room house! A boiler, on the other hand, doesn’t move air around at all. It radiates warmth cleaning into rooms through radiators, baseboard heaters, and in-floor piping.

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