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5 Signs to Call for Boiler Repair

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your boiler. It is a dependable friend that provides heat when called upon. Your children may warm their jammies on their wall-mounted radiators before a cold winter’s sleep. Or maybe you have a baseboard radiator that keeps the chill off the floor when you take your first steps out of bed in the morning.

Boilers have fewer moving parts than a furnace. This means they can last longer but wear and tear can take a toll over time. As with any appliance, there is no guarantee your boiler will never break down. Technicians from Gibson Heating & Cooling can help with emergency boiler repair in Cherry Hill, NJ but we want you to watch for these five signs of trouble to catch a repair before it becomes an emergency.

New and Unusual Sounds

Boilers are quiet. Noisy boilers indicate a problem. Rumbling, rattling or new whirring sounds are a sign that a pump or fan needs replacing. Sounds like a teapot boiling could indicate low water pressure. These whistling and gurgling sounds could also be a sign of salt or debris building up on the heat exchanger. The trapped debris causes the water to steam and boil. This is called kettling and needs to be diagnosed by a professional.

Nasty Smells and Toxic Gas

When a boiler does not completely combust its fuel source the unburnt fuel can create smells. A gas leak can smell like rotten eggs. The smell of burning plastic or metal indicates trouble with the circuits.

Toxic carbon monoxide leaks may not have a smell. A quick visual inspection can help identify a potential carbon monoxide leak. Your boiler flame should always burn blue. A yellow flame indicates a leak. Flu symptoms like nausea, headaches, and fatigue are also signs of a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in your home. If these detectors are triggered leave your home immediately and call for help.

Water Leaks

Your boiler is part of a closed-loop heating system. It should not leak. A puddle or drip is a sign to call a professional technician for repair before it becomes a larger problem that damages walls or floors. Do not mop it up yourself.

Unheated or Unevenly Heated Rooms

A cold radiator is an obvious sign your boiler needs some attention. A couple more subtle signs would be increasing the thermostat higher than usual or it taking longer to heat your space. These could be boiler issues or thermostat issues. A technician will be able to make the correct diagnosis.

Increases in Your Heating Bills

Sometimes a problem with your boiler may not show itself as any of the above signs. Your first clue may be increased costs on your monthly bill that can’t be explained by anything else. Call a boiler technician to diagnose the problem before you keep paying more on your monthly bill.

Your old friend, your boiler, has taken good care of you over the years. Return the favor. Make the Wise Choice, choose the home of the lifetime repair guarantee! Call Gibson Heating & Cooling.

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