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Dual Fuel Systems vs. Other Heating Options

fireplace-coupleA dual fuel system is designed as a halfway point between using the power of a furnace and the energy efficiency of an electrical heat pump. Natural gas furnaces are one of the best ways to provide warmth to a house because of their high heat levels and the availability of natural gas. Heat pumps can help save money using electrical heat, plus they also work as air conditioners.

But because of the cost of using natural gas and the trouble that heat pumps can encounter with extremely low temperatures, the dual fuel system became popular—a heat pump that uses a backup natural gas furnace to help when temperatures drop below 40°F. It does sound like the best of both worlds.

So why aren’t dual fuel systems in every home?

No Heating System Is Ideal for All Situations

The easy answer to this question is that there’s no such thing as a universal heating option that is the best choice for all homes in all situations. Heating systems need to be selected and installed to match the specific requirements of a space and the people in it.

There are other factors that explain why dual fuel heat pumps aren’t the #1 choice for homes: changes in energy costs and improvements in technology.

Gas heating is more economical than before

It used to be conventional wisdom that it was expensive to use natural gas for heating a home. But over the last ten years, the cost of natural gas has dropped, and it’s now one of the most affordable ways to provide power not only to a heating system, but to cooking appliances and clothes dryers. If you currently have a gas-powered furnace heating your home that you’re planning to replace, your best choice for a new system is another gas furnace. If you’re looking to save money on heating, there are many high-efficiency furnaces on the market that can make major improvements.

Standard heat pumps are better than ever at heating

As the cost of natural gas dropped, the technology of heating pumps rose. Where older heat pumps would become expensive to run when the temperature fell below 40°F, newer models can handle far colder conditions without seeing a major spike in electrical costs. If you are interested in a heat pump installation for your home, you may not need to have a dual fuel model.

A dual fuel system can still be useful

Despite improved heat pumps and low gas costs, dual fuel systems are a good match for homes where dry air is often an issue. The heat coming from a heat pump feels different than the heat from a furnace—it’s less stuffy, less dry. For some homes, this makes a big difference. If you live in a house that uses natural gas but also want the benefits of a heat pump, installing a dual fuel system may be ideal.

We’ll Find Your Best Heating Option

If you feel confused about the choices, no need to worry! Our technicians are experts at heating installation in Cherry Hill, NJ. The secret to our success is simple: return calls, show up on time, be honest and direct, and do the job right without shortcuts.

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