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Why Your AC Is Leaking Water

Monday, May 9th, 2022

water-dropletsYou probably know that if you see water leaking from your home’s water heater that it’s a major problem. But what about when water leaks from the air conditioner?

“Wait, my AC doesn’t run on water,” you might think. “Why would water start to leak from the cabinet?”

You’re correct that your air conditioner doesn’t use water to cool the air. (There’s a specific type of cooling system called an evaporative cooler that uses water, but we don’t see many of them where we live.) However, it does create water as part of how it operates, and it’s possible for problems with the air conditioner to lead to water leaking from the cabinet. Whatever the specific cause of the water leaking from your AC, it’s a problem that will require you to call us for air conditioning repair in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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Spring Means It’s Time for Your AC’s Regular Check-Up

Monday, April 11th, 2022

air-conditioning-maintenance-toolsSpring officially starts at the end of March, but most of us won’t truly feel that the season has arrived until the calendar turns over to April. This doesn’t mean the weather will follow along—anybody who’s lived in New Jersey for a few years understands that cold weather can come roaring back at any time. But April still marks an important turning point in the seasons, and it’s one of the best times to take care of your annual air conditioning maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ

These yearly check-ups provide technicians with an opportunity to find potential issues that need to be addressed. We also clean and adjust the unit to help its performance and to alleviate the wear and tear it suffered through the last summer. It’s the best service you can have if you want reliable and cost-effective cooling in your house.

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Did Your AC Just Go Through Its Last Summer? We Can Help You Find Out

Monday, September 6th, 2021

Your air conditioning system is more important than you might think. Of course, many people install the system to help cool down the interior temperature. However, it does more than that.

For one thing, it filters the air that comes into the house. Your AC system also reduces the risk of dehydration, helps stop insects from entering the house, and generally ensures better quality airflow.

As with all appliances and electronics, AC systems also get damaged from time to time. And this can lead to a wide range of issues. The good news is that there are often tell-tale signs of problems. If you are keen enough, you can easily forestall further damage and continue enjoying the benefits of your AC.

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5 Reasons Your AC Can’t Keep Up With the Summer Heat

Monday, July 5th, 2021

Depending on where you’re located, owning an air conditioner is essential. Indeed, even though some areas only experience sweltering tips for a few months a year, air conditioners are often still worth the investment. Nevertheless, even air conditioners aren’t 100% effective. Depending on the type of climate you live in, your AC may struggle to keep up with the summer heat. With that in mind, here is a list of reasons why this may be the case.

Don’t forget to go with us for your AC repair in Burlington, NJ!

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Why an Air Conditioner Can Be Too Powerful for a Home

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Good brand, pretty design, and the right color to match the interior – these are the primary features homeowners consider when buying a new air conditioner for their homes. However, the right capacity, which is often overlooked, is more vital for the efficiency of the system.

When it comes to choosing the right capacity or power of the AC, the common idea is to opt for a larger one. More capacity means better cooling – it is a general idea, but technically it is a flawed concept. Getting an AC with more capacity does not mean better or instant cooling; rather, an otherwise efficient, high-quality air conditioning system may fail to perform if installed in a space that is smaller for its capacity.

Yes, an air conditioner can be too powerful for a home, and while deciding the capacity, you should not opt for a larger one than necessary. At the same time, if you get an AC with less capacity than required, it will also impact the overall performance. So, getting the right AC size is vital.

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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

While the heating season may be in full swing, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to schedule air conditioning service in Medford, NJ. The fact is, during the summer months, you rely on your AC – a lot – to keep you cool and comfortable. If you skip maintenance now, you may pay for it next spring.

It will be too late to schedule AC maintenance if the system is already broken and beyond repair. If you haven’t reached that point yet, then now is the time to call and schedule service.

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Why Is My AC Making That Noise?

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Modern air conditioning units are quieter than ever before. Because of this, it’s usually easy to notice a strange, loud, or new sound when it starts.

When you notice a strange sound, you may wonder if you need AC repairs in Bensalem. While this isn’t always necessary, some noises indicate a more serious problem and require immediate attention.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most common sounds your AC unit may make and what they could mean.

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Replace Window ACs with a Ductless System: Here’s Why

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Do you miss being able to use your window as a window? Is a central air conditioner not an option because you live in an older home without central ductwork? Then now is the time to consider installing a ductless air conditioning system and ditching your ugly window AC unit.

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Sizing an AC: You Don’t Want Too Big or Too Small

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Choosing an air conditioning unit is like Goldilocks choosing a bed to sleep in. You want to choose one that is just right for your space. Gibson Heating & Cooling has been helping people with AC installation in Cherry Hill since 2009. Our honest and direct staff will ensure you install an air conditioning unit that is neither too big nor too small.

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Is a Spring AC Replacement in Your Near Future?

Monday, April 13th, 2020

Residential-Air-Conditioner Condensing-FanThe weather isn’t yet at a point where we can expect to turn on our air conditioning systems, and it may not be for more than a month before the whir of ACs is common in homes. But this is still a good time to make some plans for how you want the early summer to go this year. Replacing an aging and ineffective air conditioner is a big job and a major investment, so that makes it easy to put off until it’s absolutely necessary.

However, being proactive with your home’s HVAC system is always smart, since the “absolutely necessary” point of AC replacement usually means scrambling to get the work done, a period trapped without a working air conditioner, and poor AC performance in the time right before the Big Crash.

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