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Why the Upper Floor of Your House Is Too Hot

thermometer-going-redWhen you run the central air conditioning system in your house, you expect it to provide cool comfort all around the rooms. The rooms on the upper floor may be a bit warmer than the rest, which is a natural result of heat rising. But for the most part, an effective and professionally installed HVAC system will keep even cooling through the home.

But what if it doesn’t? There are situations where you may discover the second floor of your house is overheating, even when the air conditioning system is on. There are a few possibilities for why this happens, and you may need to schedule air conditioning repair in Burlington, NJ from our professionals to fix it and get all parts of your home cool once more. Below we’ll look at some reasons you may have a second floor temperature problem.

The AC is losing its cooling ability

When an air conditioner starts to gradually lose cooling capacity—rather than an abrupt loss of cooling—the first place you’ll notice a difference will be in rooms the farthest from the AC. Because the upper story rooms already get extra heat as heat rises, they’re the ones you’ll most likely first notice aren’t getting enough cooling. This loss of cooling can be due to leaking refrigerant, a short-cycling compressor, a broken central thermostat, or ice along the evaporator coil. Make sure you call a pro to find out the source of the drop in cooling.

The AC is over-the-hill

You may have an air conditioning system that’s no longer able to keep up with your cooling needs because it’s too old. Generally, air conditioners last from 10 to 15 years. Older than 15 years and the system is ready to be replaced.

The AC has lost airflow

If the air conditioner’s air handler is unable to push enough cooled air through the ducts, some rooms won’t cool down enough. Because the air handler must push air harder to reach the upper floors, this is the part of the house that will suffer the most when airflow drops. Low airflow can be caused by a busted blower motor, blocked air vents, short-cycling, or leaks in the ductwork.

Broken zone control system

A zone control system allows a homeowner to regulate which rooms in the house receive heated/cooled air, which is excellent for saving energy and creating customized comfort. If your house has a zone control system, a malfunction in the system can cause the upper floor to be blocked off from the air conditioning. Miscalibrated room thermostats, a broken central thermostat, or duct dampers that won’t open can all be behind this.

If you’re considering putting in a new HVAC system in the future, we strongly recommend you consider including zone control as part of the installation. Zone control makes it much easier to evenly balance comfort around your house and keep the upper floor as cool as the lower floor.

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