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Why an Air Conditioner Can Be Too Powerful for a Home

Good brand, pretty design, and the right color to match the interior – these are the primary features homeowners consider when buying a new air conditioner for their homes. However, the right capacity, which is often overlooked, is more vital for the efficiency of the system.

When it comes to choosing the right capacity or power of the AC, the common idea is to opt for a larger one. More capacity means better cooling – it is a general idea, but technically it is a flawed concept. Getting an AC with more capacity does not mean better or instant cooling; rather, an otherwise efficient, high-quality air conditioning system may fail to perform if installed in a space that is smaller for its capacity.

Yes, an air conditioner can be too powerful for a home, and while deciding the capacity, you should not opt for a larger one than necessary. At the same time, if you get an AC with less capacity than required, it will also impact the overall performance. So, getting the right AC size is vital.

Why Should You Not Get an Oversized AC?

Air conditioning systems work on cooling cycles, controlled by the thermostat. Depending on the room temperature and the temperature set on the device, the thermostat signals the machine to activate or deactivate the fan and compressor. So, when the room temperature is higher, the compressor and fan are activated. This active cycle normally lasts for around fifteen minutes or more. As the temperature reaches the set limit, the fan and compressor cycle down until the temperature starts to rise again.

An oversized air conditioner will invariably short-cycle. A bigger AC naturally pushes out more cool air within a certain time span. So, within less time, the thermostat will register that the room has reached the desired temperature. Yet, because of less running time, it will fail to disperse the cold air across the room. As a result, the central area close to the AC will be much cold compared to the other parts of the room, creating uneven cooling. Also, as the central cold air will disperse, the cycle will restart within ten minutes or less, triggering the system to short-cycle continuously.

Short cycling causes severe stress on the air conditioning system. It affects the compressor. The stress results in quick wear of the parts, reducing the life of the device. It also increases maintenance and repair costs. As the system runs under stressful conditions, it drains more electricity and can increase the energy consumption of even a highly energy-efficient system. Uneven cooling also impacts comfort.

How to Choose the Right AC Size?

So, now you know that opting for a bigger AC is not the solution. You need to get just the right size according to the area to be cooled. Instead of depending on guesswork to decide the right capacity, the best way is to opt for professional help. Experienced air conditioner installers can accurately find out the best AC capacity for your home. You can contact us for AC repair in Bensalem, PA, to get help from the experts of the industry.

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