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Is a Spring AC Replacement in Your Near Future?

Residential-Air-Conditioner Condensing-FanThe weather isn’t yet at a point where we can expect to turn on our air conditioning systems, and it may not be for more than a month before the whir of ACs is common in homes. But this is still a good time to make some plans for how you want the early summer to go this year. Replacing an aging and ineffective air conditioner is a big job and a major investment, so that makes it easy to put off until it’s absolutely necessary.

However, being proactive with your home’s HVAC system is always smart, since the “absolutely necessary” point of AC replacement usually means scrambling to get the work done, a period trapped without a working air conditioner, and poor AC performance in the time right before the Big Crash.

So… Should I Arrange for That AC Replacement Right Now?

It depends on several factors:

  • The air conditioner has already been in service for 15 years or more. This puts the system in the danger zone of a major malfunction and breakdown. It also makes it more likely it’s already lost energy efficiency.
  • The air conditioner had a rough summer last year, broke down on occasion, and struggled to keep up with the heat in a way it never had to before.
  • You have a good idea of what kind of AC system you want in its place, and may have had an eye on a special high-efficiency system.

If one or more of these is true, we recommend calling our service technicians to talk about a replacement. You don’t have to make the decision right away—we’ll help you go through the steps of the choice so you won’t make a hasty mistake. But we’ll see that the process gets into motion as soon as possible. The earlier you call about it, the easier it’ll be for us to find a convenient time to arrange for the replacement service before the summer weather arrives.

Maybe Repairs Can Take Care of It?

Perhaps. This is certainly something that we’ll investigate when you call us about a possible replacement. We can examine your air conditioner and see if there is a cost-effective repair that will keep it working efficiently and effectively for another few years. We’ll also be honest with you—it’s one of our hallmarks as a business—and tell you when the cost of a repair would be prohibitively expensive and not worth the investment. (A rule of thumb we often apply is that any repair that is more than half the cost of a new air conditioner is wasting money.)

Trust Us With Your New AC Service

We’re a family-owned and operated HVAC contractor offering the best in air conditioning service to Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas. We have a simple formula for success: always return calls, show up on time, be honest and direct, communicate in easy to understand language, and do each job right without taking shortcuts. We believe in earning your trust by treating you, your family, and your house with respect.

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