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Sounds from Your AC That Warn of Repairs


We don’t yet have air conditioning systems that can self-diagnose malfunctions and report them to homeowners in detail. (We’ll get there one day, probably.) But air conditioners have other ways of sending warnings to a household that they’re in trouble. There’s a drop in cooling power, a rise in electric bills, and repeatedly tripping circuit breakers.

One of best ways to determine that your cooling system needs air conditioning repair in Cherry Hill, NJ is to listen for unusual sounds coming from it. Anything different from the hum of the fans and compressors and the occasional clicking as the system comes on and shuts down could be telling you of a malfunction. Don’t try to investigate these problems on your own, since these noises have multiple potential causes. Call for an HVAC professional and they’ll track down the trouble so it can be fixed fast.

Some of the common warning noises include:

  • Shrieking: A mechanical shrieking noise can indicate a number of motor problems, but it’s most likely motor bearings that are wearing down. If the bearings fail, the stress on the motor may permanently damage it. Technicians can replace the bearings to rescue the motor.
  • Grinding: Another potential warning of motor troubles, often because of a motor with too much dust or too little lubrication. If you also smell an acrid scent from the vents, a motor is overheating. Shut off the AC and get a professional on the job.
  • Rattling: This may be a very minor problem, such as a cabinet door that’s come loose. But it could also be loose components being knocked around in the blower fan, bent fan blades, or a cabinet that’s coming loose from its slab. If this noise seems to be coming from the ducts, there may be ductwork sections that have come loose.
  • Hissing: One of the biggest dangers to an air conditioning system is leaking refrigerant, which can occur because of corrosion on the refrigerant lines. An early sign this is happening is a hissing noise as the high pressure gas escapes from the lines. You want to take care of this as soon as possible—technicians must seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant to factory levels.
  • Clicking: You’ll hear clicks at times when the system starts up and cycles down. But if you hear it too often when the AC is starting up, you may have a “hard starting” AC that’s struggling at powering the compressor. You’ll want this fixed right away.
  • Clanging: A loud, alarming clanging noise can be a loose fan belt (in an older system), or a bent air handler that the fan blades are knocking into. Shut the system down before there’s more damage, then call for HVAC technicians.

Remember, the sooner you call when you think there’s something wrong with your AC, the less chance of the problem becoming worse. The repair may be a basic one, but if it’s leaking refrigerant or a hard-starting compressor, the entire air conditioning system is in jeopardy of failing.

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