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Sign Up for Our Maintenance Program This Spring

service-marker-blueSpring is when we remind our customers of the importance of an annual visit from one of our technicians to perform a thorough inspection and tune-up of their air conditioning system. Regular AC maintenance is an essential service in order for the cooling system to deliver effective and efficient comfort over a long service life.

We offer superb air conditioning maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ through our HVAC Maintenance Program. Plenty of HVAC contractors offer maintenance, but we’re a family-owned and family-run business, and we always treat customers the way we would like to be treated. That means we go the extra distance on maintenance (and all our services). We know how important maintenance for an air conditioning system is for short-term and long-term comfort and happiness for our customers. We work with all the major brands, so you can trust that we’ll give your AC the care it needs each spring.

Maintenance Brings Peace of Mind

An air conditioning system that has professional maintenance in spring has little chance of experiencing a full system breakdown during the summer. It’s a relief to know you won’t have to fear the AC failing on you during one of the hottest days of the year.

Maintenance Increases System Life

How many years do you want out of your central air conditioner? “As many as possible” is the answer we usually hear. And you deserve to get those years from your AC. But the only way to safely push your air conditioner to run for 15 years is to have it maintained annually. Without maintenance, the system life expectancy can drop by 50%, and you’ll end up paying plenty for an early replacement.

Maintenance Lowers the Need for Repairs

Here’s a startling but true number: around 85% of the repairs a central air conditioner needs during its service life are preventable through maintenance. That’s a huge number, and it means huge savings as well. It also eliminates the hassle of calling for repairs each year and dealing with the inconvenience.

Maintenance Stops Rising Utility Bills

The wear and tear an AC goes through each summer is immense, and it takes a heavy toll. Regular maintenance relieves these stresses and stops age from setting in too early. Without this care, the air conditioner will have to work harder and harder each season, and that means it will drain more electricity than before. Keeping up with maintenance prevents seeing a continual rise in the cost to keep your house cool.

Maintenance Keeps the Warranty Valid

You don’t want the manufacturer’s warranty to be voided, since this protects you in case of a factory fault. Most warranties require regular professional maintenance or else they are no longer in force.

Call Us to Sign Up

When you join our HVAC Maintenance Program, you’ll receive regular heating and air conditioning maintenance. You’ll also enjoy special benefits: no service fee with repair, priority scheduling, a 15% discount on repairs, and a lifetime guarantee on repairs (if you continually maintain the service contract with us). This is a fantastic deal, so call today to get on the maintenance schedule early.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area. Sign up for our HVAC Maintenance Program today.

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