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Replace Window ACs with a Ductless System: Here’s Why

Do you miss being able to use your window as a window? Is a central air conditioner not an option because you live in an older home without central ductwork? Then now is the time to consider installing a ductless air conditioning system and ditching your ugly window AC unit.

How Is a Ductless Air Conditioner Installed?

Ductless air conditioning systems are sometimes called mini-split systems. The unit will be installed on the wall of a room that has exterior access. The tubing and lines will go through a small hole in the wall to the exterior condenser and compressor. The outdoor component can sit on the roof, attach to the exterior wall with a bracket or sit on the ground with the proper concrete pad in place.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Ductless air conditioners can be installed in almost any home. The system does not need to connect to ductwork. This makes it a good choice for older homes that do not have a central air system or where installing or retrofitting ductwork costs too much.

A window unit can only cool a single room. A ductless mini-split system can include multiple units connected to a single outdoor condenser and compressor. Ductless units are controlled and programmed through a remote. This gives you choice over which rooms you want cooled and when you want them cooled.

The system efficiency of a ductless air conditioning system reduces the amount of energy used compared to a window AC unit. It lowers the cost of cooling your home. Forbes Advisor recommends a ductless mini-split system over a window air conditioner to keep your energy bills lower. They estimate the energy savings to be 40% compared to the standard window unit. The long term savings offset the initial increased cost compared to running a window AC unit.

A ductless mini-split cooling system has a longer lifespan than a window AC unit. The average window unit lasts 8 to 10 years. You can look forward to cool air from your ductless mini-split system for up to 20 years.

Window air conditioners are noisy. All components are built into the one unit. You are forced to listen to the condenser and compressor at the same time as your room is being cooled. A ductless system has the condenser and compressor sitting exterior to your home. The only sound you will hear is the cool air moving quietly around your room.

Security is the biggest concern with window units. They can be easily removed from the exterior. Then burglars can enter your home through the open window. A ductless air conditioning system removes this threat.

A ductless air conditioner can give you back your window without compromising your cool comfort. If you are considering ductless HVAC in Cherry Hill you need to chat with a Gibson Heating & Cooling technician.

Make the Wise Choice, choose the home of the lifetime repair guarantee! Call Gibson Heating & Cooling to find out more about ductless HVAC systems.

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