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Ramping Down the AC, Planning for Fall

sun-and-snowflake-badgeWe’re still enjoying summer weather in Cherry Hill, and we can expect a few more weeks of it—the hot weather usually carries through September. However, when the calendar says September on it and kids are heading back to school, it means the fall weather isn’t far off. This month is a good time to start making plans for the switch from the days of air conditioning to the days (and nights) of heating.

Does Your Air Conditioning Need Late Summer Help?

The AC hasn’t finished its annual workload yet. The tail-end of the summer is the time when we recommend you pay extra attention to how the air conditioner is functioning and if there’s anything that seems a bit “off” with it. Consider that the AC has run regularly since late spring and you’ll see why it’s at a higher danger of malfunction at the end of summer—plenty of strain has built up on it.

Please don’t put off scheduling repairs for the air conditioner because the season is almost over. The time to repair an AC is as soon as you detect problems with it. It might be grinding noises, ice appearing along the coil, acrid smells from the vents, or a compressor that stops and starts too often. These are all warnings to call for an HVAC technician to inspect the AC and find out what’s wrong—and how to fix it! If you let problems like this go without addressing them, you may end up with a busted air conditioner right out of the gates of summer next year!

Consider Replacing an Old AC

A central air conditioner in a home often lasts for 10 to 15 years before it wears down to the point where it must be replaced. If you have an AC in this age range or older, give it a “report card” during September.

  • How well has it cooled the house?
  • Have your electrical bills climbed above normal during the summer?
  • Did you need to repair the AC during the last few months?

If you can’t give your AC a grade of “B” or better, arrange for an appointment with our technicians. They can analyze the air conditioning system and give you an informed opinion about a replacement. If you do need a replacement, you’ll have a little problem scheduling the service during the cooler fall.

Sign Up for HVAC Maintenance to Care for the Heater

Fall is when homeowners have technicians inspect and tune-up their furnace or other heating systems. A licensed professional must do the work, and the easiest way to arrange for this is to sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan in Cherry Hill, NJ. We offer a quality HVAC maintenance program that takes care of both your heating system and your air conditioning system. Our technicians will see you in spring and fall to check that your household comfort system is in great shape for the coming seasonal weather.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area. Trust our three generations of family dedicated to your comfort!

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