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Prevent AC Problems with a Fresh Air Filter

man-with-filterWe’d love to tell you that there is a way to keep your home cooling system operating properly 100% of the time. As is the case with any mechanical system, though, this is simply not possible. You are going to need AC repair in Moorestown, NJ, from time to time. When that time arrives, the best thing that you can do is to schedule repairs promptly. The longer that you run a compromised system, the more likely it becomes that you’ll face expensive and extensive problems.

Remember too that routine maintenance is, bar none, the most effective way in which to minimize the frequency with which problems develop.  Remember too that there is one vital maintenance task that falls squarely on your shoulders.  That is changing your air filter regularly. Changing the filter is simple, and the filters themselves are very affordable. This one easy task can save you a whole lot of trouble with your home cooling system. Read on to learn more.

The Filter in Your AC Isn’t for Whole-House Filtration

If you have concerns about airborne pollutants throughout your home, then the air filter in your air conditioning system is not the solution you’re looking for. This filter plays a vital role in your AC, but is not nearly efficient enough to improve indoor air quality throughout the living space.  To achieve that goal, you’ll really need to use a whole-house air filtration system designated for that purpose.

Instead, the standard air filter in your AC is there to protect the air conditioner and its operation itself. If there were no filter in place, then things like dust, dirt, and pet hair could really build up in your system and result in operational problems. Buildup on the coil, for instance, could lead to insufficient heat transfer. Unfortunately, a very dirty air filter is not really any better than no air filter at all.

Problems Caused by Dirty Filters

If your air filter gets too dirty, you can expect a number of different problems to develop. The reason for this is simple: forced air HVAC systems need to be able to force air through that filter! If it’s all clogged up, that becomes much harder to do. This results in problems such as:

  • Reduced energy efficiency, as your system has to work harder in order to distribute air throughout the house. This leaves you paying more for your comfort.
  • Reduced performance quality, as the system struggles to cool air effectively and distribute that air. This leaves you paying more for less comfort!
  • Increased risk of operational problems. The added strain on your air conditioner makes it much more likely that you’ll wind up with air conditioning repair needs.

Something as simple as changing your air filter as needed, typically every 1-3 months, can really help to optimize your AC’s performance. Don’t let this simple task go unaddressed. Your comfort and your air conditioner’s operational quality are on the line!

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