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Options for a New Air Conditioning System Installation

Is this the year when you have a new AC installation in Cherry Hill, NJ to keep your home cool? With summer weather approaching, right now is the best time to arrange for this service with our professionals.

But choosing a new air conditioner for your home isn’t a cut-and-dried process. You can’t walk into “Super Air Conditioning Mart” and point at a unit and say, “Yeah, I want that one.” Nor can you shop for a central air conditioner online and rely on customer reviews. A new air conditioning system requires careful consideration as well as work with licensed HVAC installers to make sure it’s the ideal system for the specific requirements of a home. Because there are more options for home cooling than ever before makes the selection process even more involved—and that’s just one more reason to work with professionals!

The Options Available to You

We’re going to run down some of the standard choices for new cooling installation. This isn’t a buying guide, but a way to help you get started thinking about the direction you wish to go for your home cooling. Our team will give you the expert guidance necessary to make the ideal choice.

Central Air Conditioning (Split System)

This is what most people think of as a “normal” air conditioner for a home: an AC with an outdoor cabinet and an indoor air handler/evaporator. The air handler is connected to a duct network to distribute cool air through the house. The term split system is used to distinguish this type of AC from a packaged system, where the air handler and evaporator are housed in the outdoor cabinet as well. These systems are primarily for commercial use, however.

Ductless Mini Splits

This is an air conditioning system that uses multiple indoor evaporators and air handlers rather than a single large one. These air handler units are mounted on the walls of rooms so they can send conditioned air directly into the living spaces without using ducts. Ductless mini splits are excellent options for new home construction, older homes that lack room for ducts, add-on rooms, and remodeling projects.

Heat Pumps

The word “heat” may make you feel wary about this as a cooling option. But a heat pump is both a cooling and heating system. In fact, the standard air conditioner is a type of heat pump, since it pumps heat out of the house. However, the type of heat pump we’re talking about is capable of either moving heat out of a house or into it—all it takes is switching the direction the refrigerant moves and the heat pump changes between working as a cooling system and a heating system. Heat pumps are a great choice if you think you’re ready to replace your old heating system as well.

Let Us Take Care of Your New AC Installation

Get a jump on summer with an excellent air conditioning system installation. Our technicians can supply faster work at a lower cost than many of the larger HVAC companies in the area. You’ll love the level of personalized service we offer.

Depend on Gibson Heating & Cooling for your next air conditioning installation. We serve the greater Cherry Hill area.

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