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A Few of the Most Common AC Repair Issues

air-conditioning-with-toolsSummers put plenty of stress on household cooling systems. Of course, air conditioners are designed to take this type of punishment, at least for 10 to 15 years, before they wear out. But no matter how well designed an AC is, it can buckle under the strain and malfunction.

If your AC stumbles into trouble during this hot summer, call for air conditioning service in Cherry Hill, NJ from professionals. Please don’t attempt a repair on your own, and never call on unlicensed amateurs for the work. The best path toward better cooling is to have pros get the job done right the first time so the AC stays fixed. You’ll be back to relaxing in a cool house in no time.

Repair Troubles We Often Fix

An air conditioning system can malfunction in several ways. Below is our list of the repair issues we handle the most often.

  • Electrical problems: This is the most frequent kind of AC malfunction. Loose wiring or faulty relays can cause motors to shut down abruptly, or could lead to a tripped circuit breaker. If your AC is continually tripping its breaker, call for professionals to investigate what’s wrong.
  • Low refrigerant: An air conditioning system doesn’t consume refrigerant like a fuel. The amount of chemical refrigerant stays the same throughout the system’s lifespan—unless the refrigerant lines develop leaks. When the refrigerant level drops in an air conditioner, it creates multiple problems in the system. The biggest is permanent damage to the compressor. The sooner you call for repairs when your AC isn’t working right, the more likely you’ll have the trouble solved before leading to a compressor breakdown.
  • Condensate drainage trouble: As an air conditioner operates, it draws moisture from the air that collects as condensate along the evaporator coil. The water drips into a pan, where a condensate drain and pump remove it. This drain can become clogged or break loose, causing water to drip out of the indoor unit and into the house.
  • Broken air handler: The air handler is the indoor component of the air conditioner that pushes air through the AC to be cooled and then into the ventilation system. The air handler can fail due to an overheated motor, bent fan blades, or becoming loose. If the air handler breaks, no air will move into the ventilation system.
  • Failed capacitors: Capacitors send voltage to the motors of the AC to start them (start capacitors) and keep them running (run capacitors). These are the components of an air conditioning system most susceptible to heat, which may reduce their ability to hold an electric charge. When motors start shutting off early or struggle to turn on, technicians need to replace the capacitors.

Call Our HVAC Experts for Repairs

Gibson Heating & Cooling has succeeded in the big field of residential HVAC by delivering what’s promised, delivering it on time, and maintaining honesty in all our dealings. We truly put our customers first, and you can trust us to fix your broken air conditioner right the first time.

Gibson Heating & Cooling serves the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area. Call us for your AC repair needs this summer.

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