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How You Can Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs This Summer

relaxed-womanNobody wants to call for repairs for anything—calling for repairs means something is broken! During a hot summer in New Jersey, you don’t want to have an air conditioning system that needs to be fixed, since that means waiting in the heat for Marlton, NJ air conditioning repair experts to arrive. You can always count on our techs at Gibson to reach you fast and solve your AC problems. But we’d much rather you never have a problem in the first place!

Below, we’ve listed some of the best ways you can stop AC repairs before they happen, saving yourself time and money so you can enjoy a better summer.

Always stay current with professional air conditioning maintenance

This is the #1 way to prevent air conditioning malfunctions. In fact, 85% of the repairs the average air conditioner may need over its lifetime can be stopped thanks to annual inspections and tune-ups from HVAC professionals.

Routine maintenance takes care of all parts of your air conditioner, and along with cutting down on the number of repairs it may need, it also improves performance efficiency, extends equipment life, and keeps the warranty in place. Make sure you schedule AC maintenance with us each spring.

Regularly change the HVAC filter

The air filter on the HVAC cabinet (which is usually located where the return air ducts connect to the cabinet at the blower fan) stop dust and debris getting inside and damaging the motor, the coils, and reducing system efficiency. The filter doesn’t clean itself, so every one to three months it has to be replaced with a clean filter. If you leave in a filter for too long, it puts extra strain on the blower, which may cause the motor to burn out. Debris will also escape around the edges of the filter as it distorts, potentially causing other malfunctions.

Go easy on the thermostat settings

Putting less stress on the AC to keep your home cool will help it have fewer problems. You can easily cut down on the AC’s workload by going easy with the thermostat settings.

The thermostat isn’t a throttle that gives you faster cooling the lower a temperature you set. The low setting means the AC’s compressor will stay on longer to reach the target temp, which will be too cold anyway. We recommend setting the thermostat at around 78°F during the day, which most people find comfortable. The closer the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, the slower the indoors gains heat and the less work the AC must do.

Clear the area around the outdoor condenser

The condenser is the outside cabinet of the air conditioner. This is where the AC exhausts the heat it draws from the indoor air. If it can’t effectively exhaust it because the cabinet is dirty or partially blocked by foliage, it places much more stress on the AC. Debris near the cabinet may also become drawn inside it and damage the components. Clear the area around the condenser for about a foot and trim any bushes and branches.

If you do run into repair needs, trust us to help you out. Complete satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest.

Call Gibson Heating & Cooling when you need the best air conditioning service in the Cherry Hill, NJ area.

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