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Did Your AC Just Go Through Its Last Summer? We Can Help You Find Out

Your air conditioning system is more important than you might think. Of course, many people install the system to help cool down the interior temperature. However, it does more than that.

For one thing, it filters the air that comes into the house. Your AC system also reduces the risk of dehydration, helps stop insects from entering the house, and generally ensures better quality airflow.

As with all appliances and electronics, AC systems also get damaged from time to time. And this can lead to a wide range of issues. The good news is that there are often tell-tale signs of problems. If you are keen enough, you can easily forestall further damage and continue enjoying the benefits of your AC.

Top 5 Signs of A Dying AC

Here are the most common signs of a dying AC.

1. High bills

Your power bills always fall within a certain range. But suddenly, you notice a spike in the amount of money you have to pay. This is one of the surest signs that your AC is no longer working efficiently.

2. Uneven cooling

A good AC usually offers even cooling throughout the room. But when the system starts dying, the results may not be as impressive as they used to be. You will notice certain areas of the room are cooler than others.

3. Short-cycling

Short-cycling refers to a situation when the cooling period is much shorter than it should be. In most cases, the cooling cycle takes about 10 minutes. When your AC is going through the final stages of damage, the compressor tends to turn on and off more frequently. This can lead to less than impressive cooling results.

4. Unusual noises

One of the best things about a good quality air conditioning system is that it is able to do its work without producing any noise. But an AC that is dying usually produces a lot of unpleasant noises. Natural wear and tear around mechanical parts plus loose bolts or nuts are often responsible for the unpleasant noises.

5. The age of the AC

Modern AC systems have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. If you have a unit that has been in existence for close to 15 years, you should start thinking of getting a replacement.

How to Keep Your AC in Top Condition

To ensure your AC serves you well, be sure to pay close attention to its operation. In case you notice any of the signs above, call for professional help. Sometimes all you may need is air conditioning repair Levittown, PA.

Regular maintenance work on your unit can be another way to ensure it serves you for as long as possible. If the AC is too old for repair, it may be time to get a new unit installed.

Instead of having to go through an uncomfortable summer thanks to your old AC, why not make a wise choice? Choose the home of the lifetime repair guarantee! Call Gibson Heating & Cooling.

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