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AC Compressor Repair & Replacement in South Jersey

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Your air conditioner’s compressor is the main hub of your AC system. When you need air conditioner compressor repair or replacement you are likely to know there is a problem. This can lead to an uncomfortable home, so calling a repair team that can get to your home promptly is important.

At Gibson Heating & Cooling, we are a locally-owned, family-run HVAC company specializing in providing residents throughout Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Bucks Counties with honest, reliable, and affordable HVAC service. When your AC compressor goes out, trust the professionals at Gibson Heating & Cooling to get your AC working properly once more.

Never ask “Where can I find AC contractors near me?” again! If you are in need of AC compressor repair or replacement in the South Jersey area, contact the team at Gibson Heating & Cooling at 856-220-4158 today!

How To Know If Your AC Compressor Needs Repairs

If your air conditioner stops working or it is not working as effectively as it has in the past, it could be due to your compressor. There are signs you can look for that may signal that you need AC compressor repair, including:

  • Your compressor or air conditioner unit overheats regularly. You may be able to feel the heat coming off your compressor, this is often due to faulty wiring or a problem with the motor.
  • Your compressors pressurization can affect how your home cools off. If there is a problem with the pressure your home may begin to feel hot and uncomfortable.
  • When there are electrical problems present within the compressor your unit will tend to switch off constantly. If this is happening, it is a good idea to have your system checked straight away.
  • You may find that the compressor will not turn on at all. One reason for this is a lack of a start capacitor or a faulty capacitor.

Your air conditioner’s compressor is made up of many different parts, this can make it difficult for those that are not trained to make the repairs themselves. If you feel your compressor may be the cause of your home’s air conditioner unit losing its ability to cool your home, contact an experienced AC repair team.

Gibson Heating and Cooling can help repair your air conditioner so that it  running efficiently and effectively, keeping your home comfortable.

AC Compressor Repair in the South Jersey

If your home feels uncomfortable or you can’t get your air conditioner to start, contact the team at Gibson Heating & Cooling for AC compressor repair. Our small company offers personalized service that other companies can’t offer. We offer prompt service and allow you to get to know Ken Gibson, our companies owner, on a personal level, because Ken will often be the one that is sent out on a job. Our prices are competitive thanks to our low overheads and our service is personalized so that we can meet your home’s unique needs.

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